Thursday, August 4, 2016

Speaking of Tuna ....

I wasn't really, or maybe it was several days ago.  Anyway, last Saturday when I returned from Long Beach, I stopped in at the Bowpicker in Astoria.  Most of you probably know this is a walk up restaurant that sits above the Columbia River Maritime Museum.  Highly popular for it's fish and chips (that's all it serves) it always has a long line of people clear down the block waiting for lunch.  It was 10:00 ... they open at 11:00 ... I parked right in front.

Built in the late 1800's, fishermen used these boats to pull in salmon nets which were drug into the front bow section.  The nets were then "picked" for the fish, hence Bowpickers.  Like a two door 57 Chevy, there aren't many around nowadays.
In no time, there were four people in line, so I joined them while I read Nick Russell's Big Lake Abduction.  The interesting thing about THIS fish and chips joint is the fish.  It's TUNA!!  Nice big white pieces in a crunchy batter.  No, it doesn't taste like tuna ..... it tastes like chicken.  Just kidding, it tastes like halibut.  Delicious!  
With not much else going on, except keeping an eye on Miss Jessie ... a full time job ... I strapped the cone to her harness and headed out to the beach once again for a little flying.  This new Phoenix Pro flew like butter, but it isn't very forgiving when it comes to a relative newby.  The wind was no help, as it was either gusty, or non-existent.  I blew as hard as I could and finally gave up.
You know about the cone of shame ..... this is known as the walk of shame.  Regardless of what this kite does, you can usually get it back in the air using the handles.  Unless that is, you drop it behind a bush.  After staking the handles, it's a long walk with your head down to detangle the kite.  There were TWO walks of shame yesterday caused by not enough beach area to fly.
After two hours, it seemed the more I flew, the worse I got.  I hiked back to the rig to find my Coopie Bear sound asleep.
Today I drop Miss Jessie off at the Vet's office for boarding and head south to Seaside for more team kite flying.  She's not going to be happy to learn she has to stay overnight.  I can't get back in time to pick her up before they close.  Friday, I'll leave early in the aftenoon and bring her home.  I'm not sure how Cooper is going to handle that, but it has to be.  I just can't take a chance on those stitches!!

Hopefully I'll have some good kite pics to show you!!


  1. Shame on you,,,, you were eating Charlie the tuna
    So transport yourself back in time to the 1800s that old boy had to sail or row 30 miles 40 miles off the west coast to catch Charlie the tuna (albacore) that with a full-boat and come back all that without the Rand McNulty
    Now in the 1850s the Cape cod fisherman (Cod fisherman ) ( Dory man) were just as crazy and stupid they would sail out to the Georgia Bank's (35 miles). fish for cod in a 15 to 22ft dory and then try to find mother boat. Well if he didn't The boat and gear would come out of his pay quota that would mean 35 miles due west with no compass
    And the old folks say the good old days,,, no way

    Now the reason you can't fly that fancy new Australia kite is it's designed to fly upside down,, down there it flys just fine for Tham,,,, u see that's why it landed in the bush
    Australians call it a ABBK,,for shot,, or for the new USA owner,,, an Australia beach BUSH kite

    1. They had grit in the old days, they did!!

      Don't worry, Bazzer will never see his kite in the bushes!! I'll photoshop it out!!!

  2. Well you could Photoshop the kite out of the picture now with the string going into the bushes just told tham your try to get the bushes to fly
    Just tell him it's a radical new flying concept