Monday, August 29, 2016

Lessons Learned ... Until I Forget!!

It was just a matter of convenience when I picked this bowl to mix up a batch of cookies.  Yesterday was Sunday and I chose to hang out with the puppies, watch football and bake.

The lesson had already been learned but forgotten.  This bowl is not very deep and it has slanted sides, not the straight up and down sides that are required for this project.  You wouldn't think that mattered much, but it did.  As soon as I began to cream the butter and sugar, it splattered out the sides of the bowl all over the counter, the floor and me!!
That was bad enough ... I still had flour and oats to go.  What a mess!!  It took me longer to clean everything up than it did to bake the cookies!  I put butterscotch chips in this batch.  It's funny because they almost taste like they have alcohol in them!  That's a good thing, right??
You would think I had learned my lesson when it comes to knitting, but I'm still trying.  At the Purly Shell Fiber Arts store in Illwaco, I was greeted by Maximilian.  That's not his real name.  I couldn't get over his haircut, so when she said his name four times, it went in one ear and out the other.  It's really something like a Roman Soldier.  Anyway, he's a sweetie pie!  Don't try to pet the other one, he bites.  Lesson learned on that one!
I bought this beautiful skein of hand spun yarn to make "something", I'm just not sure what yet.  Although I try not to buy yarn or material unless I have a pattern in hand, I haven't quite learned that lesson.  Well actually I have, I just choose to ignore it!!
The good news is I finished the cowl with NO mistakes!  How amazing is THAT!!  Yes, it was pretty easy, but that's the lesson I learned about knitting.  Start with easy things and use lots of stitch markers.
In the store, unlike most yarn stores, they have many samples of shawls and gloves, things you might actually use.  All the patterns are downloaded from for free ... and so I did.  I downloaded a pattern and had it in hand when I got to the store to buy yarn.  Here's the new project ... a shawl/wrap.  Wish me luck ... no mistakes SO FAR!
You would think I learned the lesson about Jonathan's cage some 40 years ago.  No matter how neat and tidy I am about keeping it clean and the newspaper flat so he can't grab it with his beak, he always gets a piece of it and rips it to shreds.  It's his favorite pastime ... that and chewing on sticks.  This is about five minutes of his work.  

I wish the cage builders would add one inch to the height to keep the bottom tray away from the grate.  Apparently they don't OWN any birds, they just build cages.  It takes twenty minutes to clean up the mess, which includes dragging out the vacuum to clean the mess I've made on the floor trying to get it all in the garbage can.  The lesson is "don't get involved with a parrot".  They are a life long commitment!!!
Here's a good lesson for all you RV'ers out there.  Use of Duck Tape #2003.  When you wreck the front of your fifth wheel, or maybe the back of your Class A, just grab several rolls of duck tape.  It made the entire front aerodynamic and waterproof??  No, you can't open that window, but who needs fresh air.
These guys were an easy lesson learned.  They are my best buds and great company.  Even though I can't go to Hawaii any more due to lack of dog sitters, I wouldn't trade them for the world.  I'm a little late, but Happy National Dog Day!!  Gosh, there's a day for EVERYTHING!
There's a couple more things ... when you write notes, don't just put something down like "no neat paper" because the next day you won't have any idea what in the world that meant.  Always try to leave the RV park by the appointed time, not two hours later like my neighbor, and if you clean your sewer hose by sticking your water hose inside, you are bound to learn a really BIG lesson, as will Duck Tape guy.

It's been overcast and rainy the last couple days, with no wind to speak of.  The lesson here is never plan on anything that requires wind, because most of the time (this year anyway) you'd be out of luck.  


  1. Saw a guy up in Canada coming down the Cassiar Highway that had duct tape covering his back left corner...he definitely needs backing up lessons, he had about 2-3 rolls of tape covering his back corner.

    1. So I guess that means it works for a temporary fix, although this guy's fix was permanent!! LOL

  2. Thank you for your "Lessons Learned", the sewer hose gave me a good laugh. I think anyone with a rv can relate to having at least one "Lesson Learned" with a sew incident...hopefully it didn't take more than one lesson to learn. The cookies look yummy!!! I'm sure you pups & Johnathan love you for being their mom!
    PS to any of your readers if you're headed to or through Boise. A recycle center for shrubs, trees etc caught on fire Sunday, Aug 28, and it is very smoky & smelly at the moment.

    Take Care!!!
    Liz-Boise, ID

    1. I wanted to go out and say something, but decided his solution was better than holding the sewer hose up to the faucet like so many others do!! I'm sorry to hear about the fire. I hope it's out soon!!

  3. I was thinking you had two dogs that could clean up the cookie mess after you made it but then I saw a picture of whatever that thing was on four legs it scared the Jeebies out of me I didn't know they made Alpaca that small
    If that was my dog he wouldn't bark at anybody for a month he be too embarrassed
    Are the slats on the bottom of the cage big enough for Jonathan to put his beak through it and grab the paper
    If so could he get his head stuck in it
    The way I solved my problem
    Take the exact measurement go down to a restaurant supply house and get an aluminum cookie sheet to fit in side it
    And to clean it set the bird cage aside and take the whole bottom cookie tray thing outside easy to wash with a hose
    And if Its still to low get two small wooden square dowels between the cage and the cookie sheet
    Only use the bird tray when you're on the road

    The picture you have of the fifth wheel with the duct tape on it did you notice the tailgate on the Ford pick up truck was down

    Please 4-warn us beforehand if you're going to post scary a picture👹👻👹

    1. The cookie sheet for a bird tray is a good idea. I just have to find one big enough.

      My poor baby dog is a hot mess, I agree. Sorry he scared you!! I'm not in to poodle cuts, and every groomer I took him too cut him to ribbons. So now I do all the grooming myself, although I wouldn't call it grooming. I'm absolutely awful at it ... but he doesn't seem to care at all and little kids think he's CUTE!!

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  5. In answer to your question
    paper notes to yourself why. Do you have the perfect tool
    you women always have a phone in your hand,,email or text or voice text it to your self what you need to yourself
    I can't go shopping or to the man store without my tx list

    1. I DO have my phone and probably could use it for notes, but with auto correct, I can't figure out what I typed, so I use pen and paper!! LOL

  6. Duct tape works when you hit a bear. Keep your eye out for brown during the tape, the Grey works great for us. Nice cowl. Using stitch markers are a must when knitting, lesson learned well! I have a gorgeous project going now with had spun and dyed yarn-7 skeins - almost broke the bank. LOL

    1. You hit a bear??? YIKES!!! Can't wait to see your project Barbara ....