Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Little Drive To Nowhere .....

Sometimes you win when you take off to explore the country .... sometimes you lose.  This day was a losing proposition all the way around!  It got to be so bad it was funny, but I wasn't laughing all that much.  I was just trying not to go to jail!!

In looking at the map in my rig, this appeared to be a nice drive North along the bay towards Aberdeen.  Many of you who have been here before or even lived here, are laughing.  I thought there might be tall cliffs and beautiful vistas for some spectacular pictures.
I was wrong ... wrong ... WRONG!!  It started off nice enough but quickly became a sea of mud.  This is Willapa Bay, a very BIG but shallow bay full to the brim with mud and sand.
What happens to a bay when the tide is negative?  All the water disappears.  As far as you can see, there is little to NO water, just lots of mud.  To make matters worse, there were only two pullouts where you could park and take pictures.
The first one was surrounded by trees, blocking the view entirely.  No water, no big rocky cliffs, no lighthouses ... I was beginning to feel robbed, not to mention hungry because I forgot to bring snacks.
When I got to the bridge, as you can see in the map above ... I'm the little blue dot, just before cell service disappeared ... I finally found a spot to pull over.  Something must have been going on however, because when I pulled up next to the car parked there, it was an unmarked Sheriff's car ... or maybe Fish and Game. 

It was at that point ... that SECOND ... that I remembered my purse laying on the chair in the rig.  OH NO!!!!  No driver's license ... no CASH .... NO CREDIT CARDS!!  I began to shake in my boots!  I'm how many miles away from the motorhome??  GOOD GRIEF!!
BIG SIGH!!  I'm doomed!!  I'm going to jail, or at the very least, paying a really big fine!!  Very quietly, I exited the gravel parking lot and headed back, making sure I drove at least five miles under the speed limit the entire way.  I took every back road I knew before finally arriving at the rig where I gave my purse a big hug!!

With the day cut short (and purse in hand) I headed off to the Seaview Post Office to pick up a couple of packages I ordered.  I've decided to try knitting again ... I can hear the groans, but I'm undaunted.  Alas, there were no packages available.  I never know how Amazon will ship things ... USPS or UPS which had not arrived yet.  I drove all the way back home.

Two more hours went by and I couldn't stand it.  My phone said it was delivered, so I traipsed back to the post office (with purse).  UPS just arrived and they brought my package ... the one that shouldn't have arrived for two more days.  That's weird, but thanking the Postmaster, I proceeded to drive away when she ran me down.  BOTH packages had been delivered.  YAY!!!

A perfect ending to a comedy of errors day on my part.  I got 20 rows into my knitting project (a cowl that will fit up over my face to keep me from getting sunburned) before ripping it out in disgust!!  The wires came out of the handles and all the stitches ended up in my lap.  I couldn't stop laughing ...... it had been that kind of day.

Today will be better, as I've now replaced all of those 20 rows and duck taped my purse to my shoulder .... wish me luck with the rest of my knitting and today's adventure!!


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    1. I should have been smart enough to check the tide tables. It's okay though, cuz the next day made up for it!!

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  3. Nancy there is a great little yarn shop. I thought about you when I recently visited there. They have spinning classes. Very nice lady was working there Sunday and said her daughter teaches the spinning but I'm sure you could get some knitting help if you need it.

    Purly Shell Fiber Arts located in Ilwaco, WA

    1. Neel, I completely forgot about that little shop! I'm heading over there this weekend. Thank you!!