Friday, August 5, 2016

Here We Go Again!!!

I was SO excited about flying with John Barresi again for two full days that I completely forgot to eat breakfast.  I gritted my teeth and dropped shivering Miss Jessie off at the Vets office and headed South.  Luckily, I found a Walgreens on the way where I stocked up on nuts and bars.

As the road finally disappeared and I pulled on to the beach, I switched to 4-WD and held my breath. I'm not good at BEACH driving.  Everywhere my family EVER went, we got stuck in the sand ... and we NEVER went to the beach.  That's saying something!

The tide was out however and the beach sand was wet and packed, so driving was a cinch.  Shortly, John showed up, so we set up and discussed everything KITE.  Pretty soon Ashley and Ted showed their smiling faces and we posed for a picture.
As previously experienced, John fine tuned everyone's kite, including my B-Pro Mid Vent.  In the beginning, the wind wasn't giving us much.  By the time everyone else got theirs in the air however, the wind picked up considerably.  Someone must have turned on the air conditioner too!!  Yikes it's COLD!! 
Since Ted hadn't flown his kite much, John gave him some special attention to bring him up to speed. No, not THAT kind of attention .... hmmmmmm, maybe "I" should have thought of that ..... anyway, he just showed Ted how to make the kite do the moves we already knew.  I'm telling you, John's a Magician!  Ted was doing turns and hovering right and left.
By noon, the wind was so great, we all changed out to full vent kites and John flew my new Phoenix Pro for the first time.  It's pretty stiff and more rounded on the top, just like Bazzer prefers.  Then I flew it.  For John's taste and mine, I changed out the SkyShark spars for Revolution 3-feather.  It was more flexible and easier for this novice to handle.  That's John's kite on the right, me in the middle and Ashley on the left.  Sorry, Ted was out of sight!!
Pretty soon we were doing huge figure eights, skimming the ground, making sharp turns and winding up our lines without crashing ...... almost.  Ted kept talking to himself and racked up Ashley a couple of times.  Did you notice where "I" was??  That was NOT by accident.  

Pretty soon the wind was screaming and the ape arms appeared again.  I also have skin smooth as a baby's bottom from being sandblasted.  I'm STILL shaking sand out of the fabric of my jeans.  Today we do it all over again.  I can't wait!!!

Amazingly, in the end (Ted had to leave early) John, Ashley and I were doing 8 and 9 move patterns in the sky to a crowd of people gathered on the beach.  That sure did a lot for the ego!!!!!  Addicting I tell you ..... ADDICTING!!

At long last, we were so tired we could hardly keep our hands in the air, so we packed it in.  Just then, a kite surfer came up the beach doing all kinds of tricks, not to mention the guy who had a kite attached to a Go-Kart.  
I'm more than ready to do it again today, even after becoming frustrated with all things video.  The problem is the videos I took of John that I want to post.  I can't get them from Messenger to the Blog and from my phone to SOMEwhere.  It doesn't like my wifi or email and thinks U-Tube is swell, but U-Tube doesn't like me!!  It says it uploads the videos, but it lies!!

I've shied away from that kind of stuff so far ... that's too much "techie" futuristic for me.  It appears I will go kicking and screaming into the future however, because now I want to post them here, requiring I learn the ropes.  I'll work on that later!

Heading off again .... hope I made it back with arms not dragging the ground.


  1. Great photos, looks like a wonderful day!

  2. Sounds like a fun and instructive day!

    1. It was a GREAT time Carol, not to mention all the cool stuff we learned!!

  3. Replies
    1. It really was Jan ... and good exercise, outside in the fresh ocean air!!

  4. I'll tell you what I'll trade you 88° for 20 MPH Of your wind
    Tryed to fly at the beach today best I did was work on my tan with 8mph wind. Upper winds were good round winds poor
    But nonetheless any day flying is great and if nothing else the babes on the beach
    Someday I'm going to have to try one of those 4 line kites
    I was just geting the hang doing a single liner

    1. You should have been here yesterday then ... we learned to fly in 3 mph winds ... well sort of anyway!!