Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kite Festival -- Day Two

It was a REAL froggy day Tuesday!!  The locals were all bundled up trying to keep warm and dry as it drizzled for the first three hours.  That didn't keep the breeze from coming in, but if you've ever tried to clean all the sand out of the lines and your kite, you can imagine how bad it would be if everything was wet.
This baby was shivering as Dad piled more and more coats on top.  These are the trailers of the big kite sleds, none of which had enough wind to fly.  Even if they did, you couldn't see them in the fog.
The Seattle Seahawks fans are here in droves.  There are Seahawk flags everywhere!!  That's grandma peaking out from the Medical tent, with her oxygen tank, smoking a cigarette no less.
As I wandered around the backs of the trailers, noticing that at least three vehicles were stuck in the sand, I found this kite being unwound for the first time.  They had it specially made by a gentleman from Colorado who happens to be a Broncos fan.  To prove it, he included one tiny piece of orange fabric in their blue/green kite ... just for fun!!
They even have an entire game room set up with beer cozies, chairs and tables.  It was pretty enjoyable, since the six large banners totally enclose the entire room.
"I'm not looking .... I'm NOT looking".  I tried to get this baby to smile, but she was having none of it.  She just wanted to bark at me!!  Notice the DOWN jacket!
You meet the nicest people at a kite festival.  Sorry, I have no idea who these guys are ... but I DID meet Don Mock who has been coming here since 1983 and making some of the most beautiful kites in the world.  
This is one of his recent creations he's taking to Dieppe (Normandy) France in a couple of weeks.  The theme is Native Arts.
If you happen to be in the area, the Dieppe Festival International is being held in September.  Instead of a few hundred people, they will have many thousands of spectators, not to mention kite fliers.  I may have to put this on my bucket list.
Back to the competitions ... with not really enough wind for these single string kites, the kids were running like crazy from the start line past the judges.  Points are added up along the way for ribbons and awards.
The adults had to run as fast as the kids.  Good thing they had Medical Personnel at the finish line.
They have a great sound system here as the announcer interviewed the kids about their kites and boyfriends.  The weather didn't bother them at all.
They needed a flashlight and a compass to find the judges however ... the three in the middle of the picture.
Another Seattle Seahawks fan, this baby got to ride in the bubble tire wagon.  Who wants to walk when you can ride??
Down at the Rev field, the only thing flying were these mini revs.  The rain finally quit, as did the wind.  The fog stayed all day.
Stand around for a few minutes and they will put you to work!!  Not really ... it takes an army of volunteers to keep this show on the road, which is right up my alley.  I gave a few breaks here and there and sat at the signup table.  After all, it was in a nice toasty warm DRY tent!!
Today there will be lots of kids games and senior competitions.  There's a lollipop drop (assuming the big kites can get up in the air), kids kite making and a Senior Ballet (over 50 years old flying to music).  If you've never gone kite flying with your kids or grandkids (it's loads of fun and pretty inexpensive), now's the time!!  Here's hoping for a beautiful sunny day!!

P.S.  Jessie's leg looks great and doesn't seem to bother her at all.  My finger on the other hand, still has a huge lump and is VERY tender.  Maybe I should have gone to the Vet!!


  1. Too bad about the weather,but your making the best of it.

    1. It always gets better, which it did, but to tell you the truth, I could use a rainy REST day!!

  2. Awesome photos, looks like a great day!

  3. I remember when we were at a Casino last year just before we stayed in the spot behind you for a night. It just happened to be Seahawk Preseason Game spot since they were playing "away". I could have gotten sick of the bird, of the colors, of some song they kept playing over and over and over....