Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kites, Fog, Donuts and Dogs ....

After a quick trip to the Vet early in the morning ... Oceanside Animal Clinic ... I took Jessie home, hooked up her cone to keep her from bothering the bare leg, and headed off to the Washington State International Kite Festival.
If you go early, you can snag a parking spot for $2.00 (free if you fly), then walk down the second half of vendor alley.  If you want free parking, you'll have to walk twice as far, although they do have carts if you have trouble walking.  Just ask an official to call one for you.
Monday was for trains, arches and stacks, as well as displays of kites like these fish.  Pretty fun, right?  You don't have to spend hours learning to fly them ... just hook them and let them swim.  This one is pretty cute ... the fish actually move like they are swimming while the shark chases them!!  One or two of these would be great for the grandkids!
The wind was blowing nicely, but it was so foggy I was soaked within minutes.  It was about 11:00 in the morning when the sun came out.  Still, these are some beautiful kites.  The long stunt stacks will actually be flown in competition.
I think this has to be my favorite!!  It's just cool beyond words.  Everywhere you walk, he's looking right at you, kind of like those old paintings where the eyes follow you!!
It was plenty breezy for the big guys ... I've totally forgotten the names of these ... sleds I think.  I'll have to bone up on types of kites other than Revolutions.  I didn't want to stay long since I needed to keep an eye on Jessie so I missed the sun.
All of these kites are anchored to the ground, some with anchors 3-4 feet deep in the sand, some attached to car bumpers.  This circle of snakes was spinning around nicely.
Now wetter than I prefer to be, I stopped in at the World Kite Museum tent for a jacket, mostly because I left my other 26 jackets at home.  The Museum is just down the street and is definitely worth a look see.  They have some amazing works of art in the two story building.  
It's your typical "made in China" reversible jacket, but for $29 it will be perfect, the money is going to a good cause and it says World Kite Museum on it.  What more could you ask for??
As I headed back home, there were three empty parking spots in front of Cottage Bakery.  It was a sign!!  I wish I had four other people in my rig to help eat these ... Cooper and Jessie don't count ... but since that's not the case, I'm going to try freezing a couple and see how that works out.  You're right ... one is already gone.
Miss Jessie's leg looks pretty good, but there are some ugly rub marks.  She's so funny ... she's VERY possessive.  Everything is hers ... the toys, the dog bowl, her harness ... and the cast that was on her leg.  She didn't want to let that go ... silly girl.  Hopefully she will heal up quickly.  I can't say enough nice things about Oceanside Animal Clinic.  If you need anything while in this area, give them a call.
At noon, the sun finally came out for a little bit, so I hit the beach with my kites for an hour.  The wind is very rough this year, kind of like the road to Alaska, making it harder for me to fly well.  Joanna, a premier kite flyer from Berkeley that I met last year (who has been a great encouragement) has given me several videos about routines to fly.  I've got lots of practicing to do!!


  1. You can't go wrong by calling it a sled Almost every manufacturer has a specific name but slid will get you buy it in a conversation I use 8x6 one for my go Pro for aerial photography Yeah you do tied to your bumper
    Or You tie it to the trash can post at the beach not the trashcan because it lifts the trash can up
    If you see one there look up towards the top of the bridal and see if there is a GoPro attached to it a lot of them do it that way
    And yes I'm jealous

    1. Don't be too jealous yet ... nothing but fog so far!! Hoping the sun comes out and the big guys get to fly!!

  2. Nancy, if you still need a place to stay in Long Beach for a few days, you are welcome to stay free-of-charge in our empty lot at Safari. It has full hookups. Let me know. Carol

    1. Thank you Carol ... how very nice of you! I did find another place to stay for two more weeks ... right on the beach!! I sure appreciate your offer!! RV people are SO nice!!!