Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Scoopers and Sunsets

It's not what you think .... Scoopers is an ice cream store.  What could be better than ice cream and a gorgeous Oregon sunset??  Certainly NOT babysitting your dog all day, much as I love the rasty old gal.  She sleeps with one eye and one ear open, just in case someone comes a little too close.
After hiking a half mile to the beach where I found not even a breath of breeze for kite flying, I hit the end of my "I'm bored" limit.  I tied the cone to Jessie's harness and left for town, feeling like a bad mom.  As I drove through, I spotted SCOOPERS.  Now THAT will make me feel better.  
This is the biggest ice cream - candy store in the country.   FOUR big freezers are full of wonderful cold creamy goodness.  Walk to the end and pay, then wait for your number to be called.  I tried to be patient!!
Pralines and cream on the bottom, peanut butter cup on the top.  Let me be the first to say "DON'T DO THIS"!!  Don't get TWO scoops.  This bowl of ice cream is almost 5 inches tall and way, WAY too much.  ONE would have been MORE than enough!!!
After a quick walk around to try and ease my stomach ache, I went back to the rig where I felt bad about the cone of shame.  I took it off, attached a baggie to her cover her foot (nothing like even more humiliation) and we went for a short walk in the sunshine that finally came out from behind the clouds.

At long last, a chance for some pictures (the cone went back on) and I walked the half mile again to find a negative tide.  I'm standing about 200 feet into what should be the surf.
Way off in the distance, I spotted a Eukor ship heading west out of the Columbia River.  She carries cars and by the looks of her water line, she's empty. 
As the water receded, it left beautiful tracks in the sand.  This particular spot in the beach is really high.  When the tide comes in, this is the last to be flooded.  Usually covered with lots of ugly ocean crud, this year the beaches are pretty clean.  
Yes the water is COLD!  As I was standing there, focusing too much on the sun and waves, I was inundated a couple of times by the incoming tide.
Lots of seagulls, but not the huge swarm of birds I saw last year.  Not the swarm of tourists either.  You can actually drive on this beach if you don't mind getting yourself unstuck.  Four wheel drive people ........... although sometimes even THAT won't save you!!
One last shot of a seagull and his reflection in the water, as the sun went behind the fog bank.  I imagine this year's weather is more the norm.  It poured in the middle of the night and has been foggy and overcast almost every day.  Unfortunately for me, not windy enough to kite fly.
I'm undaunted however ... today is a new day and I plan to spend it flying on the beach, getting in a little practice before tomorrow's team flying lessons.  Bad Mom Nancy was able to convince the Vet to board Miss Jessie for two days while I try NOT to crash my kite into everyone else.  They need to check her bandage anyway, and since my trust factor went right out the window, I'll feel better if someone is watching her.  I did order a soft cone that should arrive today.  We'll see how that goes.  

As for MY boo-boo, it's healing and doesn't hurt as long as I don't bump it.  Of course I bump it constantly, but am happy to announce I will survive!!