Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Finally ... Good News!!

If you have ever driven over the Astoria Megler bridge in your motorhome, did you notice how you bounce up and down as you head up the incline??  I immediately thought of Nick Russell and whipped out my camera.  I should have taken video.  At any rate, the bridge didn't collapse as I expected and we made our way to Long Beach.
Can you believe there's no traffic?  Course it was around 5:00 pm on a Sunday evening.  All the smart people were home watching TV.
I on the other hand, was trying to get to my next destination quickly so I could be knocking on the Vets door at 8:00 Monday morning.
When Miss Jessie and I arrived, with me explaining what had happened, they took her in immediately with a minimum of paperwork, while not one but TWO vets (husband and wife) cut the bandage off.  The butterfly stitches Leroy Willis told me about on Facebook worked perfectly, keeping the wound from getting worse.  Next time I'll try that on myself!!!

They promised she would be home that afternoon, when I planned to glue that cone permanently to her head!!!  Thank goodness for the good people who work at Oceanside Pet Clinic ... they were wonderful!!!

So here she is in all her glory, $235 dollars later, with a new bandage that can't get wet under any circumstances.  Every time we go outside now, to make her shame even greater, I tie a baggie over her leg.
Luckily, when I arrived late Sunday evening in Long Beach, I found the perfect parking spot.  Although a far walk to the beach (I need the exercise), I'm next to a park model and have a 50 amp service with all the hookups on the correct side.  I WILL be happy when the campers leave with their 16 year old son who has bounced a basketball for all of about 5 hours in the last 24.  I'm sure he qualifies for the Harlem Globetrotters by now!!
Yes, that tree is too close, and although I considered doing a trim job myself, I asked the park to do it for me.  Surprisingly, a maintenance guy showed up.  Apparently we weren't looking at the same limb, because he said it was too big to cut.  But you have such a nice BIG tool I gushed.  Actually, it was a Riobi mini chainsaw on the end of a long stick.  My first thought was it's the perfect Christmas present for Mr. Dan Chance who usually does his own tree trimming!  Anyway, the good looking maintenance man cut the branch after all, proving a little compliment goes a long way!!

The other good thing is that I'm way East of the huge campsite with several generators running the speakers equivalent to Guns and Roses, so they can play music for the entire park.  Not to mention all the fishermen noise as they get ready for early morning fishing.  The Tuna Classic is coming up you know!!

The other thing coming up is my next kite flying lesson.  I expected to get in lots of practice time, but between no wind, keeping a watchful eye on Jessie and the rain that woke me up at 4:00 am, I haven't even been on the beach!!

I'm kind of afraid to leave Jessie.  I already caught her trying to get the cone off, so I tied it to her harness.  I think a roll of duck tape may come into play when I'm gone all day to my lesson.


  1. Sure feel for Jessie. Hope she doesn't have to be a conehead (SNL) for too much longer.

    1. Two weeks for the conehead .. 12 more days, poor baby.