Saturday, August 6, 2016

CAN OF AIR .....

We needed it yesterday ... a can of air, that is.  I arrived on the beach at 8:30 where it was as quiet as a snowfall.  What an amazing place to be all by yourself, or with your sweetie!!
I brought a breakfast date with me this time, but he was giving me the cold shoulder.  He stayed until I fed him, then flew off in a huff!!
Way down on the beach in the fog, I spotted John's car, so slowly made my way that direction with my music blasting, windows open, enjoying the salt air.  Since our radio stations didn't mesh, I turned mine off and we boogied to some Inna Godda Da Vida or whatever that was!!  

It was then I recognized there was NO wind.  Whose got control of the CAN OF AIR?  Hit the button please!!  

We set up our full sail kites anyway.  I don't know about you, but I can NOT fly in 3 mph winds.  John of course can fly indoors, which he does quite often.  He danced his kite around the sand, across the top of my kite, around the top of his car, down the hood and touching the doors along the way.  The control would just make you sick if it wasn't so beautiful!! 
Doors aren't all he touches either.  You really have to keep an eye out for him.  You can't hear the kite any more than you can hear the 3 mph winds, as he flew over my head, then tapped me on the butt while Ted helped me assemble my kite.  
When everyone finally arrived, we spread out so as to minimize crashes and practiced in the slight breath of wind.  This is John showing Ashley how to keep the sail full.  She finally gave up completely.
When you launch a kite with no air, you have to walk backwards pulling the kite, which fills the sail and it rises.  Pretty soon my feet were wet!!  When I turned around, we had all gone so far back we were in the surf!!  YIKES Batman ... get us out of here before our lines get wet (not a good thing in the kite world).  So John showed us how to fly upside down and walk quickly forward.  Maybe it will be better after lunch.  

Finally .... a little wind ... that lasted for all of 15 minutes.  We continued to try and fly without wind, but it was a losing proposition for three novice flyers.  So I'm showing you this picture again, just to prove we DID do cool maneuvers!!  This picture showed up on Bazzers Website by the way!!
We did one last backwards D maneuver before calling it a day.  Too much frustration is not a good thing.  We said our goodbyes and drove through the water to get off the beach.   That was an interesting feeling, to say the least!!  I guess there's a first time for everything.  Luckily I didn't get stuck anywhere.  I can't say as much for the guy in the new Jeep that tried to take a shortcut and get ahead of me!!  Tsk tsk .........

I picked up an ecstatic Jessie girl at the Vet, where the bill for two days boarding and bandage replacement was $34.00.  She danced around the parking lot like a 3-year old!!  They said the sutures looked really good, it's just a waiting game until they come out in eight more days.  Then she'll REALLY be tuning circles in the parking lot!!
Today is Jake the Alligator Man's birthday and there's a big party planned in Long Beach.  I'll go down and pay my respects, then lock myself in my rig.  The Weekenders have arrived in hoards, honking horns, screaming and yelling with big mean dogs barking.  One guy actually got bit last night!!

Across the driveway are two queen blow-up mattresses with people sleeping on them, not to mention all the fishermen who have arrived for the sport tuna season.  The couple in the Mercedes staying in the cabin next to me, started a fire 20 feet from my door and directly under a tree, which smoked me out.  No brains, I tell you!!

That wasn't half as bad as the twelve people behind me who kept cutting through my camp right in front of the door, causing Jessie to jump down every time.  I finally had to ask them to stay away.  I don't need another trip to the Vet for MORE stitches.  

Keep smiling Nancy .... they'll be gone tomorrow night!!!


  1. Hope you gave that kite a slap against its tail...oh ya, those are the old kites that have tails. ;)

    1. True, but some of the new single lines still have tails. I tend to slap the ground!!!