Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Catching Up and Catching Salmon

Okay, I admit I make mistakes.  Although I really would like to shop at Fred Harvey's ... he had some amazing turquoise jewelry ... THAT Fred resided mostly in Arizona.  I actually shopped at Fred MEYERS.  Getting up at 5:00 am every morning with the puppies hasn't been the most fun thing I've ever done, and when I write the blog, it is usually sans coffee!!  There's a nice big cup next to me now ... I hope that helps!!

Since the Weekenders who party late into the night are gone, I should catch up on sleep.  I'll also catch up on the blog, since all I did yesterday was laundry.  

I love this picture!!  That's John Barresi left (just had a baby boy, Luca), me in the middle and Ted from Northwest Winds Kite store in Seaside.  We were desperately trying to keep our kites aloft in the non-existent wind.  I mean really ... there's FOG everywhere!!!  Sure glad I brought my cowboy hat!!
When you visit Marsh's Free Museum, look up.  There are lots of cool things hanging from the ceiling, including this huge Alaskan king crab.
I know some of these pictures are repeats, but I like them.  This is NOT one of them!!  It's healing nicely, but the huge lump is troublesome.  The bottom part is almost invisible but the top will leave a nice scar.  Even with my lifetime of handling horses, I've never had scars except from trying to cook.  Good grief!!
Miss Jessie is hanging in there.  I try to keep the cone off as much as possible, even though she has been very tolerable of the device.  I bought a soft one for $30.00.  It's so heavy, her head drags the floor, not to mention her tunnel vision due to it's solid black color.  The Vet's device is at least see-through.  Next Monday she will get her stitches out ... free of charge.  She's going to be dancing in the streets!!
Speaking of tuna again ..... it's NOT, I repeat NOT the Tuna Derby.  That's further South.  HERE we have the Salmon Derby, although the salmon aren't running yet.  Only a few early risers have come up the river, this being one of them.  A 40" beauty was caught by my San Francisco Giants Fan neighbor who's wife hates salmon (??).   He said it was a miracle.  No one is catching anything.  
Don't tell that to my four NEW neighbors who just came in with their boats, parked in the middle of the road all day and left their engine running for 15 minutes while they used the bathroom across the street this morning.  No biggie, I was already up, but I can't say as much for my other neighbors.  

Sorry but I spilled the beans about no salmon as I was barbecuing my latest fresh Wild Coho acquisition purchased on sale at the local market.  I suggest these guys do the same if they want to brag to their friends.
I may have mentioned this cake ... Jan and Greg White's recipe from their blog.  Stir one 20 oz can of crushed pineapple into a box of Angel Food Cake mix.  Pour into well greased pan.  I used cupcake liners in muffin tins, which worked out pretty well.
There was a LOT of batter left over however, so I poured the rest into a cake pan.  I have to say I liked that better.  Sliced up and smothered in cool whip, it was quite tasty!!
When the big rain storm didn't hit, I trotted out to the beach for some more kite flying.  This is another Barresi/Bazzer masterpiece.  In the next day or so, I plan to haul a chair and my lunch to the beach so I can put in a few hours.  There's a LOT of improvement to be had!!
Now that the laundry is caught up and the puppies full to the brim with pets and rubs, it's time to go check out the countryside.  If I don't get back on that camera, I'll forget how to use it!!

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