Friday, February 24, 2023

A Hitch In My GiddyUp

 Good Morning Arizona!!  It's a chilly 37 degrees out this morning, but the sun is supposed to come out and warm us up to 66 degrees.  That's pretty nice considering we'll be sitting outside most of the afternoon at the Tucson Rodeo!!  Woohoo!!  How lucky are you?  Soon you will be inundated with COWBOY pictures.

In the meantime, I'm not sure I posted this video.  This mama is not at all shy.  I was hoping to get pictures of the entire pack that was howling like crazy about 9:00 just down on the railroad tracks.  No such luck however.  

The entire boring sit-around windy day was taken up by a dermatologist appointment.  Again, I'm healthy as a horse.  Thank the Lord for good genes.  I was a little taken aback at the boisterous Doc who had a great personality and an even better laugh, along with a handshake like a cowboy!  I like that.

So like any good parent, here's a couple more "kid" pictures.  He follows me everywhere.  If I move, he moves, then he just lays down in the room and waits.  

My little guard dog .... making sure no one attacks me in the bathroom.  If I'm sewing in the room to the right, he's still parked at this doorway.  Such a funny kid.

The only other thing on the list today was a check of my hitch.  I loaned it out for a year when I had the big rig, to a great guy who has been pulling fifth wheels all his life.  In other words, I trust him.  BUT ... he was unlucky enough to have a lady come around a corner too fast and sideswipe his truck AND trailer hard enough to total both.  That's a pretty hard hit.  

When I got this fifth wheel trailer, I called and asked if he still had the hitch ... just kidding actually ... and the next day, he brought it back.  It appears to be in great shape and I have had no problems, but it makes me VERY nervous.  Everyone says never use a hitch that has been in a wreck.

So I began exploring a new hitch.  $1300 woohoo!  Of course when I called the manufacturer B & W, they said to replace it immediately.  If not the entire thing, then definitely the receiver portion.  I didn't know you could buy just the receiver.  $499 plus tax, free shipping.  That's a bunch cheaper than $1300.  

I called Lazy Days to see what their price might be.  Wow ... $660!!  And so the debate in my head continues ... buy it or not.  I still have lots of time ... they said it would arrive in 4 days if ordered.  Not sure I believe that.  Decisions decisions!!!  The interesting part is this hitch works so well that in 20 years they have made no changes to the design ... it's exactly like the one I have.
Late in the afternoon, I heard lots of grinding and clanking from out back on the tracks.  It amazes me just how much work these guys put into this railroad line.  I'm guessing it's because it is the original railway from when the trains first arrived in Tucson.

The line was to be built from Marshal Texas to San Diego California, passing through this area, which is why Tucson came into existence.  There was a great celebration with a parade and cannon fire on March 20, 1880 as the first train rolled into town.

Coincidentally on March 20, 1882, Wyatt Earp shot and killed Frank Stilwell for the death of his brother Morgan, at the same station, for which they erected a statue.  It's fun to think they all traveled along this section of track.  

It's old like me ... so I imagine it requires lots of upkeep and maintenance.

And so ended another day in paradise, even if it is cold and windy.  It's time to get my camera ready for some wild and wooly cowboy shots at the rodeo!!!


  1. You probably already know this but check and see if any of the events have slack. Those are usually free to go to. Also if they have any cattle dog events those are must see!

    1. No cattle dog events, and yes on the slack, but it was earlier in the week.

  2. Indy typically follows me more than Marcia...but whoever is in the kitchen is typically the winner of that. Sure hope you never face a railway event like they are in eastern Ohio. They think that train wheel / bearing was on fire for nearly an hour before it crashed, going through multiple detectors which are suppose to monitor the heat of boxcars as they pass.

    1. I heard that. Pretty crazy. Same thing happened in central California. Luckily it didn't derail, but it set fires along 40 miles of track.

  3. Can't wait to see your rodeo shots!

    1. You may be sorry you said that when you hear how many I took! LOL

  4. Replies
    1. It's a great time. Tucson folks really get in to their rodeo!