Sunday, September 25, 2022


The mornings are getting cooler and cooler, a big plus in the desert.  It's probably what helps drive the bugs inside.  When you've got a parrot and a small dog, there's no way you can spray inside the house.  It's troublesome.  The bugs are getting to me in more ways than one.  Last night I got bit on the butt by something BIG.  Not that my butt isn't big enough already, but it's bigger now!!!   Perfect for that tight mini skirt I used to wear when I worked in Colorado.  I digress.

So first thing this morning I took a Benadryl, hoping I don't fall asleep, and watched Cooper play his morning games.  I got bit ... he gets a new ball.  He's crazy about the squeakers!!  First he buries the ball, then .....

he digs it back up.  He's my opening act every morning while I'm on the computer.  Sadly, he too has been bitten and I have a hard time getting him not to bite his bites.

In no time flat, my Road to the Horse competition was on the boob tube.  Today is the final day, which includes taking the horses through an obstacle course.  These images are from last year's final.   I can tell you that getting a two-day ridden, green broke horse to do this is amazing.  You have to have made a good connection with the horse so he trusts you.  

It probably took me four months to get my colt to ride over a tarp laying on the ground.  This year's contestants did it in less than 90 minutes yesterday, their second day of training.  

Again, last year's pictures.  I was not expecting THIS.  Whoever gets the highest point score over the three days wins the championship and a chance to go to the World Competition in Kentucky in March 2023.  I can already tell you who will and who won't win this competition.  The two women have made great connections ... the men, not so much.  Out of four men, maybe two will do good.

The show is coming from Fort Worth Texas, which means it will begin at 7:00 am here.  As you can imagine, I'll be on the edge of my seat.  It will be about a five hour show, which is why I'm hoping I can stay awake.  Me thinks it's going to be a coffee-coffee kind of day.

For your viewing pleasure today .... take a quick count, and then wait for it ..... an entire TRIBE showed up for a drink at the water trough.  I don't think I've ever seen this many javelina at one place before.  Aunts and uncles all seem to have come to the party, although most of them do look pretty young.  If you look closely at their snouts, you can tell which one is Dad.  His tusks give his face a definite clue.

I spent the rest of the day working on this latest quilt.  Looking at it now, I see some squares that need to be moved around.  So far this has only cost me the price of a $7 square to "square" up the blocks and fix my sloppy sewing because I'm in too much of a hurry.  I WILL NOT BUY ANY MORE FABRIC!!!  I say it every day, but you know, things happen.  OH LOOK ... THAT'S GORGEOUS!!!!

Just to harass me even more, every time I look at the back sliding glass door, I find something new.  They are crawling up the walls and windows like in a horror movie.  At least these guys don't bite ..... that I know of anyway.  By the way, yes I DO have a pest service that sprays the outside once a month.  In fact, there are so many critters that come inside and die, that I actually had to drag out the vacuum yesterday to dispose of them.  They are EVERYWHERE!!!  

Oh geez!!!  I just looked up.  Obviously I missed one.  Getting the vacuum out two days in a row?  Now THAT'S a record!!

My mantra to live by here ... never enter a room until you have scanned the walls.  I'm a magnet I tell you.  Maybe I'm just so SWEET to munch on!!  Does anyone know what to eat that will replace the blood lost last night?  VAMPIRES ... that's what they are ... VAMPIRES in my bedroom!!!

Okay, it's not that bad, but please excuse me while I scratch the big itchy bite on my butt!!!!!

I'll take a few pictures of the competition today, just to show you what is asked of these young three old horses.  

So ..... I'll be on the couch ... with my coffee, Benadryl and fly swatter in case I see any more bugs.


  1. With all that water and green stuff growing, you might be in for a Locust invasion.

    We are headed to the other side of Orlando tomorrow with the hope that this Hurricane does not make a eastern turn as it moves up the Gulf towards the Panhandle. If that happens, at least it would have to travel 100 miles over land before it would hit that area...and chances are strong that it won't make that type of turn. We will know more on Monday

    1. Did you dodge another bullet? I don't see any twisting and turning on the radar - yet anyway.

  2. Sounds more like you are living in a jungle with all the interesting critters running around there. When I was in Vietnam, they used bug nets on their beds which you may eventually need for a peaceful night's rest. Amazing they can train those horses so quickly

    1. I'm not sure bug nets would work ... but I'll keep that idea handy. Horses are amazing creatures!!

  3. You and Dolly. Bug magnets. Dolly and I enjoyed watching the squadron of javelinas at the watering hole. Enjoy the rodeo.

    1. Hmmm I have an idea. Maybe I need to spray myself with off before I go to bed?

  4. Those bugs are horrible! Love the video and of course Cooper!

    1. Honestly, I'm surprised there are so many biting things in the desert.

  5. Your bug critters have me worried for you.
    If you love the area your second home is in
    sell this house and buy away from all the jungle desert .
    How worrisome to put up with all of the bugs and even worry for your pets. I’d be running home! Ha
    Linda a.

    1. It has crossed my mind Linda. I've never been bitten so much as this year. I'm thinking it's all the rains.