Monday, August 8, 2022

Into The Wild Blue Yonder!!

 More coffee please ... not that it's helping.  You know how it is, trying to be sure you don't forget anything.  First stop of the day .. Costco for one of their great chickens (I bought two and stuck one in my freezer) and a big bag-o-salad.  I got two of those too, just in case.  Not that I think we will starve or anything ... I'm sure we have enough food for a family of four ... and there's just two of us.

As backup however, Sandy is bringing a big jar of peanut butter.  We won't starve!!  Once back home, I began the bacon bonanza.  I precooked two packages for breakfast, BLT sandwiches and anything else that sounds good.  EVERYTHING is good with bacon!!

All this time I've been running around in the Jeep to keep from using expensive diesel.  It didn't really matter because I finally had to get five gallons to keep the Jeep going all the way home.  The White House keeps telling everyone they are responsible for the big drop in fuel prices, although three months ago they said they had no control over ANY fuel prices.  Obviously it's not working in California.

Around noon I dropped Jonathan off at Kay's house for a visit.  He was pretty nervous and talked up a storm.  I had Kay feed and water him, whereupon he immediately tried to bite her.  She says she'll be fine, but I'm having two big men check up on her.  Really, they just want to meet him.  No problem, just keep your fingers AWAY from the cage!!

I'm packing up the ice chest and the water containers, ready to head out.  Above is one of the views I'll have.  Below is the horse camp where we will stay.  These pics came from the internet.  We hope all the horse people will be gone by the time we arrive for our three day stay at this location.

Then we'll be packing up again (I'm not looking forward to that) and heading to Kennedy Meadows.  No, I am not taking my trailer up here.  There's plenty of room for a fairly narrow and low overhead horse trailer.  There is not room for my 13' tall much wider trailer and no place to turn around.  

Here's hoping we have good weather in spite of the weather guessers.  I'm off into the wild blue yonder.  I'll post the adventures and pictures, hoping nothing disastrous happens, upon my return next Monday.  Yeehawwwww!!


  1. Have fun! Looking forward to hearing about your adventure.

  2. Looking forward to reading about your adventures soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Have fun Nancy. I'll be tagging along.

  4. Replies
    1. Yup that's about exactly what it was!! Yee haw!

  5. Beautiful country, been there many times.
    So happy for you....enjoy😊
    Linda a.

  6. What an adventure! Have lots of fun.