Saturday, August 1, 2020

Breakfast of Champions!!

I needed extra fortification yesterday.  For me, there's nothing worse than sitting inside all day long.  It means I hit the fridge .... oh maybe 50 times in a four hour period.  Not that I'm hungry even one tiny bit, but eating has become my second favorite pastime!!

So it was pizza for breakfast.  It has all the food groups, right?  To make it better, I only had ONE piece, heated up in my convection oven.
Every time I went outside, I felt exactly like that piece of pizza.  I think it only got up to 105 or so, but the convection oven winds turned into an air fryer extraordinaire!  Although still very white, I'm now extremely well done!!

That was made all better when Jack came back with a cottontail buddy who shared the water station.  Speaking of which, I've been having trouble with it not coming on in the afternoon to refill it for the nighttime critters.

I checked out all the wiring before finally being exasperated enough to read the directions.  Silly me, I thought when I set the interval to 7, that meant it would run 7 days a week.  Turns out it means it will turn on every 7th day.  When I changed it to ONE, it magically worked.  Now it will turn on every ONE day, or in other words EVERY day!!  Yay!  Another conquest!!
While all that was going on and sweat was dripping down my nose, I spotted the changing of the guard at the morning dove nest.
I raced inside and grabbed my camera.  YES!!!  I finally got a picture of the baby!!  Mom, or dad as the case may be, didn't smother him this time, but let hime take a look at the world.
Then the newly arrived parent started feeding him!  I think I took 30 pictures.  This is the best one. They really aren't that far away, but there are lots of branches between them and me.
Maybe I should have lunch too!!  This is the absolute last picture you will ever see of a grilled cheese sandwich for me.  I do love them SO much, but that bread just kills me every time!!
Speaking of critter food ... remember this picture of the wandering jew that was dying in the front due to some little rat eating the wires?  Well once fixed and water added, it grew exceedingly fast.  I mean those little green leaves were six inches tall in just a couple of days.  I was so excited!!
Until yesterday when I went outside and discovered THIS!  Wait ... where are my plants?  WHAT THE?  Yes, you are right.  Those darn bunnies jumped up there and ATE MY PLANT, those little buggers!!  I guess I will have to cage it, if it even grows back.  They took it right down to the roots!!
So it's 80 degrees out with some overcast skies.  We just might get a smidgen of rain like yesterday.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  In the meantime, I've got two things on my list.  A screwdriver that will take those weird screws out of the detector so I can disconnect it and a new bunny-proof plant, if there is such a thing!!  In the meantime, I'm putting a chain and lock on my fridge.


  1. The morning doves are just too cute! Ohh that baby!! Ken is in love with you by the way! He loves pizza for breakfast, me not so much! hah. Grilled cheese sounds so good! Yep those bunnies as cute as they are are devastating to plants! Ken puts chicken wire around our vulnerable plants.

    1. I knew bunnies chewed up plants, but not THIS plant. It's been there for about a year!! I think pizza is my all time favorite breakfast!! LOL

  2. You know what Elmer Fudd would say...“I'll get you, you wascally wabbit.”

    1. Sneaky little guys! And I always watched those cartoons!

  3. Pizza for breakfast is a treat.
    Nice watching how nature takes care of their young.
    Remember the fun we had with Rabbits eating our Plants at the Park. Not certain but that plant still might spring back. Chicken wire will also help.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes I do ... your plants disappeared the same way!! It probably won't be pretty, but I'm getting wire!

  4. The chain and lock only works if you forget where you put the key. Which gets easier to do with age. To help with that put the key on a chain around your neck. Then you just have to remember to think of it as only a necklace.