Monday, February 17, 2020

The Great American Race

This view out my patio window got me up and at 'em in a hurry.  I grabbed my camera and ran outside to catch this amazing show from Mother Nature.  This is one of those fantastic sunrises you find in the desert.  They are fleeting though ... it didn't last long ... but I sat in the cold until it disappeared.
Isn't it also amazing that Mother Nature makes some of her cactus look exactly the same?  
Here's a sport I've not been a particular fan of.  I think you have to live in the midwest to appreciate the smell of fuel and exhaust for hours on end.  It is called the Datona 500, the Great American Race.  When I heard the President was going to be there, how could I NOT watch.  It was my plan for the entire day!

I got a big kick out of seeing the President's limo rounding the turns, surprised it didn't just fall off the very steep wall.  Many MANY moons ago I was involved in the pit area of Nascar racing.  I bet you never saw THAT coming!!
Our construction company sponsored the tires for a driver at the mid level of Nascar.  You cannot imagine the suspense, nervousness and CRAZY that comes about in the pit.  Our driver actually won that year, causing us to get all snazzy in tuxedos and evening gowns for the presentation of the trophy.  Sadly, in the case of yesterday's race, it was rained out after a couple laps.  
I headed outside to work on more projects in anticipation of the paver installation.  This sprinkler had to go.  Turns out it was an easy fix, except the only way I could get it uncovered was with a big spoon.  I'll cap it off before installation starts.  When will that be?  I have no idea, possibly this week.
When the guy said installation could be done right over the slate (or whatever rock it is) in the front, I had no problem.  Demo would have been even MORE expensive.  The front is level with a good foundation.  The back is a different story altogether.

So yesterday, I pulled up all the slate pieces from this patio and stored them outside.  They will make nice steps down the hill to the water station.  This morning, my legs and arms are crying.  I'll get the rest out of there today because by tomorrow, I probably won't be able to walk!!
Today you'll find me waiting for the plumber while watching the Datona 500, that is if they don't get rained out again!!  Then you'll find me in the garage putting my new steel storage racks together.  More on that tomorrow.


  1. I was obviously ahead of myself as I thought you'd posted a picture of the paving already done. Duh. Sorry!
    Good luck today. I had a mistyped word so had to delete the first comment.

  2. That sunrise is like a JMW Turner painting! I don't think I'd do anything else other than watch the sky shows if I lived there. Just breathtaking.

    Remember to always wear eye protection when you're busting rocks in your garden & eat plenty of carrots, kiddo, so we can keep seeing these magnificent shots pop up on our feed readers, okay?

    1. Thanks Leilani ... I didn't think about those rocks splintering, and they DID! Luckily I didn't catch any of that action.

  3. I'm with Patsy. I thought the picture of the pavers was the new work. Now I'm looking forward to the "new" work. I tried to watch the race..... couldn't stay interested.

  4. Here about a lot of work but so far you're the o my one doing any. Hope the worker bees show up and take your money. :)) Glad to know the Daytona 500 will be today. I was at the 500 once back in the day. 1970 I think it was. Maybe I can catch it today while sitting at the tire shop.

    1. I bet that was a fun experience, seeing the race in person. Probably much different than today's version.

  5. Replies
    1. NO FAIR!! I looked on every channel and couldn't find it anywhere!! Sorry I missed it.

  6. That sunrise picture is beautiful, really beautiful. So I am catching up and tired after reading everything you have been up
    I cannot believe you went under the house, cute outfit by the way. Glad to read you will eventually get the pavers done even though your husband was out of town...:)
    Good luck with all your projects.