Thursday, February 6, 2020

Art In The Freezer

The little town of Tubac has an interesting and varied history.  It started out over 11,000 years ago in the dense Arizona forests and lakes (really hard to imagine) where the locals hunted mammoths.  The Hohokam took over about 1500 A.D., followed by the Pima and Tohono O'odham who greeted the Spanish.  Lots of fighting occurred in the years that followed  between the Apache (recent migrants) and the Jesuits who were eventually expelled by the Franciscans.

Tubac's most famous was soldier and explorer Captain Juan Bautista de Aza II.  He built the chapel of Santa Gertrudis, the foundations of which still lie in Tubac.  Once all the fighting was over, ranchers and farmers settled the little town.  In 1948 Dale Nichols, a painter and crafter, opened his own art school here, encouraging interest in the world of arts and crafts.  Tada ... the Tubac Art Festival was born.

If you are ever in the area, check out the buildings in town, most of which are made of adobe.  It's a fascinating place unless it's 19 degrees and you are freezing, as we were yesterday.  Looking at art while standing in a freezer ... just what I wanted to do!!  Actually if you were able to stay in the sun, and wore your favorite wool plaid shirt like I did, it wasn't bad.  I think it got all the way up to 42 before we left, a respectable temperature.

The first thing you will notice are the new-to-town painted javelinas.  They are everywhere, each painted differently.
Patty Chance and I met up with RV friends Patti and John from the Phoenix area.  I started out with hot chocolate and a cookie to warm me up as we wandered up and down the streets.
I do think there were fewer vendors this year, but the wares for sale made up for it.  Of course nothing is in my price range, so we just oohed and aaaawed at everything.  One thing you couldn't get past was the smell of kettle corn!!  THIS I could afford.
There actually are lots of stores in town that sell the same art-type things you find in Mexico.  I was looking for something big for my patio wall, but alas did not find the perfect art piece under $100.  I know, I'm cheap!!  If you go here any other time of the year, all of these stores will be open.  It's a fun place to wander around all day.
The art festival continues through the weekend.  If you get tired of walking, you can hitch a ride on the horse drawn trolley.
I would have more pictures for you, but these are ARTISTS who do not appreciate you taking pictures so you can recreate their work cheaper.  It's a no-no ... so I had to slip in one here and there.
This one is super cute.  Wouldn't it look nice in my garden?  There are many of these, both large and small.  Most do not have price tags on them.  If you have to ask, you can't afford it.
Here's a sample of some copper art.  There were so many things I loved, but I've no wall space left in my house.  
And of course more pigs ... or more specifically, javelinas.
Here we are, just about ready to hit the road after walking five miles.  It's easy to do in this cutesy little town.  Of course the things I wanted were in the many thousands of dollars range, so nothing came home with me but my money.  
There was one small exception.  On the East side of town is La Paloma de Tubac, the best place to purchase pottery.  They have a huge selection of both dinner plates, flower pots and outside decorative things.
The variety of pots is amazing.  You want a pottery pig?  They have it.  You want a horse?  They have that too.  Just an amazing array of pottery.
This is what I was after for my back yard.  I just love these decorative pieces for less than half the price up North.
Almost five hours later, we headed back to civilization, passing through the border inspection station. It's our favorite part, checking out the good looking men and the cute puppy dogs!!  

We made one quick stop in Green Valley for a piece of fabric to use in my newest charity quilt.  I'm weighing my options.  Cool art piece or quilting longarm.  Hmmmmmmmm ........


  1. The backyard pieces are beautiful! You are too cute with the border inspection station! :) Sounds like a wonderful time with friends checking out the art work! Would have been nice if it was warmer, but you looked nice and warm in your outfit. Good picture of you! :)

    1. Thank you!! Yes we do like the inspection stations ... the dogs are magnificent! It really was a nice day!

  2. Looks like a great little town and festival to visit. Love the backyard vase - is that what you bought yesterday?
    Lucky you if the border inspection guards are good looking. We often have ladies or 'ordinary' men. haha
    Like Shirley, that is a great pix of you and Patty.

    1. Thank you Patsy! Yes I purchased the backyard vase in Tubac. In California that would be $150. Here, only $55.

  3. Glad you Enjoyed your day out and it didn't hurt the pocket too much.
    Think you sent the cold weather our way.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. Haha Rick ... that's the coldest it has been here since I got this place. It wasn't even that cold when it SNOWED!!

  4. A nice day out with friends. Lovely art but perhaps it's best to visit on a cold day, one spends less time in temptation and more time thinking of getting warm. Haha

    1. You are certainly right!! I wanted to spend time in the sun instead of the shade looking at the jewelry!

  5. I love what you bought for your yard. We didn't go into the town, we just did our sight seeing on the mission grounds. There was a little gift shop at the mission but everything was too pricey for me.

    1. The good part is we have the option of going to Mexico where we can find things less expensive!!