Friday, February 21, 2020

Rig Repairs $$$$$

I was so excited when the paver crew showed up at 8:00 yesterday.  We should see some improvement now, maybe even a paver or two on the ground.  Turned out there were lots of pavers on the ground, just not where I wanted them.

They had to remove all the pavers from the trailer in order to have room for all that concrete they thankfully said they would haul off.  At 11:00 they took their lunch break, returning at 12:30.  At 2:00 they took a nice long break, then put everything away in the trailer and were gone by 3:00.  I'm thinking this project is going to take about 30 days.
I tried to keep busy sewing, but was just too distracted by the thought of my rig's batteries being totally depleted in spite of me asking them to keep it plugged in due to the household fridge.  Finally, I couldn't stand it a second longer.  I drove over to La Mesa.

Did I mention the only employee who can check the jacks called in sick?  Meaning the rig has been sitting here since Tuesday morning.  They actually called me to ask if I wanted them to go ahead and check out the other two problems.  Are you kidding me Carlos??  That's a dumb question!!!  Here's my baby at home, plugged in!!
As I drove in, I spotted the rig parked behind a bay with the door open.  I made a beeline that direction, hoping to catch someone inside.  First thing, I checked the battery bank.  11.6.  I almost screamed.  I turned the inverter off and took a couple of things out of the freezer.  I'm sure that ice on the floor of the freezer will melt and hit the floor, but there's nothing I can do.

You want to get someone's attention?  Just walk into their repair bay where you are not allowed!!  I yelled like a crazy lady at the kid standing there about keeping it plugged in with even 110 to keep those batteries up.  I'm not losing $3,000 worth of AGM's because these guys have no clue!  He promised me he would hook it up.

You shouldn't eat when you are mad, but at least I was going to get $10 worth of lunch.  They had beef stew with a biscuit and a really good salad bar.  It didn't set well.  If you are heading this way on Saturday, they are having burgers.  

Funny, when I got home, Carlos called to tell me about repairing the leak and the toilet.  $1,000 for both.  I know it sounds like a lot, but I'm expecting the entire thing to run around $4-5,000.  At least I'm prepared for it.  I put away a little every month for repairs.

The bedroom slide leak is from a bad top seal and a deteriorated slide topper.  Honestly, I knew about the topper, having seen that the last time I was on the roof.  It's $650 in case you need it done for your rig.  The toilet repair takes up the rest with all new seals and a water line.  

Again, I ranted about plugging it in and not killing my batteries.  Carlos said he would go make sure they did that immediately.  I don't believe him one little bit.  Here's my thought.  These guys don't OWN a rig, thereby knowing how things work, or they just don't give a damn.
Other crazy things have transpired, but I'll relate those later, after I eat half a bottle of Tums.  We have tickets to Saturday's rodeo, which is another reason I went to the rig ... to get my hat because it's going to rain.  I also picked up the roller extension for painting.

This morning there's an ugly black sky out with 22 mph winds, followed by more wind and rain all day tomorrow.  That should be perfect for rodeo watching!!!


  1. Wow..$$$ but I guess it's got to be done. Lunch did look yummy, gotta say. I'm thinking you're right that it's going to take 30 days or more to get it done with those workers. Enjoy the rodeo, hoping it doesn't rain on you or those cowboys!

    1. So far it rained all night and is expected to rain all day. Yeehaw!

  2. Oh my! At least you are smart and know to put $$ away for repairs and the rig needs to be kept in ship shape. Can't believe they don't know enough to keep it plugged in. Especially when you've told them. LOL
    Hope you have a good day at the rodeo tomorrow, the rain is forecast for here too. :(

  3. 1000$$ Tell Carlos to break down and Put in a new toilet be cheaper than rebuilding the old one comes with a guarantee an under $300 =149 pr hour
    You need to hire a shyster car salesman and take him with you over to La Mesa not only will he get FREE food he should get your work order price down
    Seeing as how you're not gonna get an RV cover You might want to think a couple of solar panels for the inverter for the refrigerator free electricity is always good

    1. I have definitely thought of that Ed. Solar panels would come in handy about now.

  4. That's a lot of money for those repairs. You are right when they don't own an RV they don't understand that they can kill the Batteries and they think all batteries are the same.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Rodeo.

    It's about time.

  5. And I thought I had it rough! Glad you stopped by and got the battery situation under control. Unfortunate that you have to pay so much to get poor service in return. Hope to see pavers down soon. If they don't take weekends off. :))

    1. Of COURSE they take weekends off Doug! LOL Not much progress.