Wednesday, November 7, 2018

YIKES!! A Change Of Drawers!

For the most part, driving back from Ridgecrest California over the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range was incident free.  There were a few two lane sections that required my constant attention.  Sometimes that's a chore for me, since my mind seems to wander when I'm driving lonely highways.

I think about the ice cream order that isn't ordered at this point ... a scary thought ... and about what I'm going to say to the gardeners since they've decided to use my trash bin for grass clippings ... some that don't even belong to me.  I do not have roses that color.

Sometimes it's things like how much hairspray I use or gee ... I need to get to the store for Cooper food.  Just like THAT, in a nano second, my mind says LOOK OUT!!!!  I'm on a section of two lane road.  Eight motorcycles are coming straight at me, all passing a white car IN MY LANE.

They all got over (barely in time) except one stupid dummy who decided to pass the car at the exact instant I passed the car.  In other words, the motorcycle was on the white line between my rig and that car.  Neither the other car nor I had time to move over.  The macho motorcycle guy could have reached out and touched both of us at the same time.

I watched as the wind from my rig hit him, causing him to waiver between us.  Lucky for him, he came out the other side unscathed, I'm sure thinking he's so BRAVE, but I'm willing to bet $100 he needed a change of drawers.  I bet he won't do THAT trick again!!

The rest of the return trip was uneventful.  It is interesting to note however that in the entire 300 miles, I never saw one CHP and everything single vehicle pulling a trailer passed me like I was standing still.  I was going 60 mph.  If they are not going to enforce the 55 speed limit, why spend all that money on signs?

This is what Daylight Savings Time looked like in my rig.  It looks the same here at home, only there are THREE of us on the couch asleep.
I spent the day doing honey-dos.  The knob on the left came off.  I kept a pair of pliers on the dash to turn the air on.  Amazingly, I discovered (after being on the internet for an hour looking for a replacement) that there is a set screw.  If you have a small enough screwdriver, it can be fixed.  I had a small screwdriver and it's fixed.  YAY!!
Next up, try the toothpick idea in the stripped hole where there is only three inches of working space. It did not work, mostly because I didn't have enough room to get TWO pieces of wood in the hole.  It should fall out again on my next trip.  
To top off the day, it was BINGO night at the Elks.  You knew that was coming!  I arrived in the bar just in time for a coca cola with Prince Charming.  Everyone else was sick.  Knock on wood, I have to say that exercise really does boost your immune system.  After walking all those miles at the patch, and being around 5000+ kids, I did NOT get sick.  Course I washed my hands 5000 times and ran every time I heard a sneeze or cough.

We had a new victim .... I mean volunteer .... to help out at Bingo, who was a little overzealous, but excellent help.  It's pretty hard to learn the ropes if you've never done this before.  The good news is she survived and said she will be back ... in December.  I've heard that before!!
The peasants were happy on this night.  They all bought so many cards, we paid out top dollar all night long, as well as someone winning the Hot Ball pot of $780.  It was a nice $1,000 night for her.  She was a first timer, so now she's hooked and will return over and over again, only to lose.  It's sad, but true.

I have lots of running around to do today, so I better get to it.  Then I'll try to figure out why I have no right hand turn signals on the Jeep.  Is there a fuse for that??


  1. Nice that you made it back safely, got a few things repaired, and had a successful bing night. The right turn signal could be a bulb or maybe when you rewired the connector the wire is still loose?

  2. Nice to have a smooth trip, well except for the "idiot" on the bike. I have seen bikers do that before and I always wonder...why???
    Hope your blinker is an easy fix.

    Celebrating the Dance

    1. I've seen them pass when you are ALMOST there, but not when you are side by side. He's probably not long for this world.

  3. Motorcyclist in California are the worst! When I left in '86, there was no such thing as "pull between cars at stop lights to get in front of everyone". (Ok, saw it now and then but also saw some get tickets for doing it is legal) In North Sacramento where I-80 and Business 80 meet, we have seen motorcycle after motorcycle weave in and out between the 7 lanes to get in front of everyone. One 'had' to be running away from the police because he kept looking back...I thought he was going to look back and run right into vehicle in front of him.

    1. I guess some of them just have to show off like that. It will get them killed one day. Those are the guys you do NOT want to ride with.