Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Magic Kingdom and Hoop Skirts

It's hard to sleep in when you've got a puppy jumping up and down on your back, making the cutest little growling sounds EVER!!  I laugh and it's all over.  It was a dreary, overcast, foggy kind of day, leaving me to contemplate why I keep eating so much I'm miserable.  My entire system is out of whack, leaving me stationary on the couch.
Until I got my shipment at the front door.  It's SO nice to get packages delivered by the Post Office since they finally figured out I wasn't going to go away!!  Not the really grand reveal I was wanting, but THIS is the reason for the hoop skirt.  I'm sorry, but there's no wedding, since there's no MAN in the picture.

What there IS going to be is a trip to Utah for the 150th Anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad, one of the most life altering events in history.  If you're going to go to such an event, you might as well join the party.  Rather hard to see in this terrible selfie, I actually found a company in Washington State that makes these theatrical gowns for probably less than I could buy the material.

Unfortunately this one is too large ... one of the problems of shopping on-line.  There's another one on it's way to replace it.  So yup ... I'll be heading out with the Golden Spike Railroad group to Utah next year for the celebration.  I'm pretty excited!!
All of a sudden it dawned on me I didn't know where Cooper was.  I don't even know how long he was missing from the couch.  That's so unlike him.  I wandered the house, calling his name.  He never comes when you call his name, so I tried shaking the snack bag.  Nothing.  

I finally located him sitting here at the back door.  It seems he was sulking because I wasn't playing the ball game.  After about 20 minutes, I finally asked if he wanted to play the ball game and he came running.  That's his new name now .... Ball Game.
I tried to patiently wait for 3:00 when it was time to head on down to the Magic Kingdom's Knights of the Round Table Room where we all meet around ... you guessed it ... the round tables.  I had my usual coke while we listened to corny jokes from the Court Jester.  It's good to laugh before the onslaught of peasants.

At 4:15 I ascended the grand staircase to find the Castle Lawyer was not there and no one had set up the table.  I quickly gathered supplies and began to count the bank.  Luckily for me, one of the Knights came over to help count cards as the peasants flooded the corridor.  It's always chaos for two hours straight.

Right off the bat, one of our volunteers who plays, had three extra cards.  I know ... they stick together is the most common excuse.  We know this game, which is why we count.  Funny, it happens a LOT!!  In fact, it happened to one lady FOUR times.  She told me she only had four sheets.  I counted.  She had SEVEN!!  See what they try to do??  You have to be on guard every second.  It happened several more times throughout the night.

At long last it was time to head home.  I was exhausted, so I crashed on the couch for a few minutes with the puppies.  Just look at this face!!
One more interesting thing happened.  I never check the weather unless I'm heading out in the RV.  Last night, I looked to see if it was going to rain.  My weather station had a big blue question mark right in the middle.  What??  They are actually admitting they have no clue what the weather is going to be?  I'm sorry I didn't take a picture.  It was epic!!

The good news is they predict rain for the next 7 out of 8 days and boy do we need it!!  Except now I have to double check that leak in the back slide of my rig.  I just can't seem to figure out where the water is coming from.  A big piece of plastic may be required for the time being.


  1. More fun and games, I like your hop skirt !

  2. Oh, you're jealous of my shorts, I'm jealous of your dress! I love those clothing styles and really wish we still wore hoop skirts. :) Yah, I'm a bit of a nut. It looks great!
    Cooper, oh my what an adorable little mutt. At the door and the close up pix is so cute! Glad you played with him for a while. Good luck on getting the rain. I can't imagine what the weather station is trying to tell you, too bad you didn't get a picture!

    1. I'm in love with all the 1800's fashions. I was born a century too late!!

  3. Now you will need a Parasol and Hat as a sunshade to go with your Hoop Dress.
    A few years ago when we still lived in the apartment the top Meteorologist said the weather was changing so dramatically that it was becoming impossible to Forecast.
    Cooper is a sweetie.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. A parasol .... yup great idea. I do have a hat too ... we'll see which one works best with the dress.


  4. The joker always had a riddle

    The leak is never where the leak is
    it's usually where you never look
    So look there
    Don't look someplace else
    If it seams like the place
    Or it could be the hole place
    You can do a lap of Dicor for it .

    1. I just can't seem to figure out WHERE it is. It seems to run around the edge of the slide and under the very bottom, then goes along an edge somehow into the bedroom (maybe the slide rails?). I can't for the life of me figure out HOW!!

  5. A white lace shawl and a parasol And a colt six shooter Would be a great photo shoot for tombstone

    1. OH YEAH!!!!! I have a lace parasol ... all I need is the six-shooter!!

  6. Wow, going to the 150 year anniversary! I am jealous for you know, my Great Grandfather worked for what was South Pacific Coast Railroad between Santa Cruz and Alameda (Oakland area) back in the day. Also worked for Southern Pacific when they took it over. My Grandpa was a great Railroad lover, and handed it down to all of us.

    1. It's even better when it's in your blood!!! I'll take lots of pictures. It should be a fun get-together.