Friday, November 16, 2018

BEEF!!! It's What's For Dinner

A quick note regarding PG&E.  I am paying for the actual electricity used, the transmission of electricity, the distribution of electricity, Public Purpose Programs (?), nuclear decommissioning,  DWR Bond charge (to purchase power to serve electric customers during the energy crisis) (????), competition transition charges, energy cost recovery and "other" taxes.  They will soon add the tax to pay for the bonds used to pay for all the damages caused by their equipment fires, including that gas explosion, if they can prove they "reasonably" tried to fix it.  Truthfully, it's not much better in Arizona, but at least all their charges are MUCH smaller.  My actual USEAGE of power is never more than HALF the charges on my bill.  I would say to check YOUR bill, but it will only make you mad.  It will be interesting to see how this all comes out in the wash.

SO ..... I guess it's the price we pay to live in a house with lights and water.

What's for dinner?    BEEF ..... manly chunks of VERY rare beef, served at the Elks Lodge last night.  I did my rendition of a bump on a log yesterday, as I recouped from a haircut at my favorite you-cut-it-too-short salon.

My appointment was for the 14th at 9:30.  After dragging myself up off the couch, I arrived in time for her to say "what are YOU doing here?"  She said my appointment was not until the next day.  Uh no ... it was for the 14th.  

That's what you SAID, and I replied that's the same day our mutual friend is coming to stay at my house, since she ALSO has an appointment on the same day.  It seems she wrote it down on the 15th instead. The only time available was the NEXT day at 9:30, which would not work for me.  Lucky for me, the friend agreed to switch appointments, but that meant I had to drive all the way BACK the same afternoon.

I cancelled all my important commitments and appointments, like watching my favorite Christmas Movie channel and playing with the dogs, in order to meet the new schedule.  Amazingly for the first time, she didn't cut it too short!!  YAY!!!!

All afternoon, all I could think about was the dinner at the Elks Lodge.  Try as I might, I just couldn't stay away from the fridge, trying to eat just a little so as to have room for this monster steak.

It was Ag Equipment Night, which is code for we're serving MEAT!!  Everyone that loves a good steak, comes to this dinner night.  That piece of red, bloody beef is over an inch thick.  Personally I was more excited about the baked potato, which I haven't had in probably eight months.

The green beans with bacon are the usual overcooked variety, but who cares when you've got bacon.  I ate half of everything and brought the rest home for breakfast.  Yes, I also drank an entire glass of wine.  A shock of course, because I'm really not a drinker, but when Prince Charming buys you a glass of white zinfandel, you can't be rude and not drink it.
The steak mooed when I cut into it.  I do love a rare piece of beef ... like fillet mignon ... but otherwise, I prefer it didn't bleed all over my magnificent potato.  

Conversations were of course political, which I tried to stay out of.  Sometimes it's better to be quiet. 

As usual, the raffle resulted in nothing for our table.  It's okay, I really didn't want that lawn mower, nor any of those nine bottles of booze.  Yes ..... they gave away a lawn mower.  That reminds me, I hired a new lawn service yesterday, but unfortunately at a higher cost.  I sure hope they do a better job!!

The Elks are pretty good people.  So far our donations to the Paradise Elks Lodge will be close to $6,000, including all the raffle profits, along with Bingo profits (including donations from Bingo players) and all the profits from a special dinner to be held the first of December.

Today I'm going to hit up Smart and Final to see if they have a store in Indio, and check out their ice cream offerings while looking for pie tins and paper bowls.  Then it's again going to be time to put my acting abilities to work and practice my bump on a log role.   


  1. Glad we don't own a house anymore none of those huge bills.
    That rare steak sounds awesome, just the way I like it.
    Good luck with you ice cream search.

    1. I don't mind rare, but this one wasn't even quite THAT done!

  2. Not sure of the Geography but there is a Smart and Final in Blythe that's just off I-10.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. That's a little past my stop, but I DID find one VERY close.

  3. Take a picture or two of you hair, keep them on your phone, and next time show them to her and say, "I loved that hair cut last time, look at it (showing pictures), I hope you can do it just like that again this time!" Marcia, when traveling, has me show a picture of a haircut her local person did and she asks them to try and match it...seems to work.

    1. Good idea!! Seems when I say just a trim, she takes off two inches!! Pictures just might help!