Wednesday, November 14, 2018

B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O

And Bingo was his name sir!  Can't seem to get that song out of my head.  Well ..... was it a full moon last night??  I'm SURE it was a full moon, because all the crazies came out to harass us and try our patience.  Unfortunately, patience was in short supply.
With most of the crew off the sick list, the hour's pre-show-laughter made all the difference.  It was fun to meet back with the guys and catch up on all the local gossip.  It's always a pleasure to see that all our troops are still alive.  

Even our 98 year old Army Veteran walked up the stairs under his own power after having broken his hip in a fall.  He's a tough old bird, to be another year older the first of February.  It's a miracle, or maybe it's the Corona.

As much as I would rather run the cash register, it was my turn to count cards.  You know what irritates me most?  They spend ten minutes picking out three packs.  We ring it up, they pay.  Then they say, as I'm already spouting off the next order, oh wait ..... I think I need a double action.  

We finish that transaction and she says OH WAIT ... I need a Bonanza and a dobber.  Four transactions later, she finally leaves the table.  Couldn't you get it all at once and save us time and paper?

It happens that on this day, the Boy Scout Troop (8 of them) came to get cans of food, which in turn gets the players ONE free game.  They laugh, they play games, they throw things back and forth (the boy scouts that is), making so much noise we can't hear each other, let alone think.  Add to that the Bingo players hollering at each other because they were taking too much time, and it was chaos.

I loudly asked the boys to be quiet (by the way, Mom and Dad were standing there making JUST as much noise).  They didn't hear me they were talking so loud.  I finally yelled at the top of my lungs!  I instantly became the bad guy, getting dirty looks from Dad.  

Five minutes later, the Castle Lawyer had to do the screaming to get them to be quiet.  It happens every single time they are here.  This time I put in a request they be relegated to the back door.

Then came the two players who were arguing and throwing bad comments back and forth.  At first I thought they were kidding, but come to find out, they were serious.  I fully expected a knock down drag out on-the-floor fight.  They also got the "knock it off" speech.  

Seriously, it went on like that ALL NIGHT LONG.  The only reason "I" stayed was because it was turkey night.  All of us volunteers stick around all year putting up with this nonsense so we can get a free 12 pound turkey at Thanksgiving.  

Okay, not really .... we DO like each other's company.  Truthfully we stay because of the Christmas dinner we get free, meaning we can order anything off the Friday Night Menu.  Prime Rib baby!!!!

We ended up being over $20.   The back room needed change.  I gave them $100 worth of 5's and 10's in exchange for 5 twenty dollar bills.  Fifteen minutes later, they brought back one $20 and said we counted wrong.  Okay.  At the end of the night, we were over $20.  

I got home just in time to completely rearrange my freezer so I could add the frozen turkey.  That's when I got the phone call.  Company was on the way.  The perfect ending to a wonderful night of Bingo.  

My plan is to hug my couch all day, maybe do a little sewing.  Hopefully that will remove all the grumpy Bingo thoughts from my head!!  Maybe a HUGE piece of apple pie will do the trick!!!!!


  1. Heck all that fun your get to have? Then a free prime rib dinner AND a Turkey sounds wonderful. The couch and sewing sounds like a nice restful day for you.

    1. Turns out it wasn't restful after all. Jello and all that shaky stuff.

  2. The other night I caught a quick local news broadcast (normally we don't watch any news) and they featured a story about a guy who sang the Anthem for the Tampa hockey team...a WW2 vet who flew P-41s over North Africa. I said to myself, "No way this can be true...he looked to young". At the very end of the story the news person says, "And if you think he is too young to have flown in North Africa during WW2, think again...he turns 100 on Tuesday (which is now yesterday). This 99 year old was as fit as a fiddle, and sang the anthem perfectly...what a good Veterans Day story that was.

    1. That's amazing, Dave. Some people must have lived exemplary lives to have lived that long. Good for him!!!! I love to see them out and about!!

  3. Love those WW 2 veterans hanging in and NO sulking.

    1. Exactly!!! He's got the best sense of humor and refuses to be kept down!

  4. So a 12 pound turkey divided by 12 is a pound a month
    Suppose you only work at the bingo parlor for six months out of the year does that mean you get a 6 pound turkey
    Or three months for a 3 pound turkey,,,, Or is that two months for a turkey leg

    Why do you think the The den-master of the Boy Scouts. always carries a whistle. 🙉

    1. No on the six pound turkey ... it just means I get TWO pounds per month I work! Hahahaha
      Too bad the Den Master was half the problem. She should have blown the whistle on herself!!!!