Saturday, February 17, 2018

I Can't Help Myself

Whenever I see a sky with clouds and the sun starts to set, I can't help but grab my camera and run outside.  It seems to have a calming effect.  Especially after my run-in with DMV.  That's Department of Motor Vehicles for those uninitiated in the trials and tribulations, the horror, of California vehicle registrations.  If you want to go raving mad, just go online and try to get something done, or worse yet, pop in to one of their offices.

It's mostly my fault, since I forgot to change my address after the UPS store went out of business and took four months of my mail with them.  I changed to the regular post office (the second worst to deal with) but forgot to send DMV my changes.  Now my rig's registration is going to expire.

I went online to get the form to fill out so I could mail it in.  Got it ... then the printing fiasco happened.  Some machines and I just don't get along.  I got one copy printed VERY lightly.  When I tried to do it again darker, the printer objected, threw a tantrum and locked up the bar, giving me a paper jam error message.

I turned it upside down and inside out to find no paper.  Apparently it just died to spite me.  I mailed off the way-too-light copy and am praying they will make the changes in time for me to pay (online of course) for my $800 tags, which will be mailed to California.  Before I pay however, I'll have to find another printer to be able to print out proof of payment to the police when I get stopped for my expired registration.
The beautiful sunsets help to lessen the stress and calm the nerves.
Rather repetitive of me to keep showing them, but the colors of nature cannot be duplicated.  Not to mention that I never see anything like this in California.
Catching up, here's part of the chop job done on those hugely tall oleanders.  Cut down to the height of the fence, I can actually see the beautiful tree beyond.  They did a great job those kids.  This little concrete block wall is just enough to keep the javelinas out.  
I have several projects, including replacing this mishmash of a walkway, replacing tile at both entrances to the house and adding a gas insert to my fireplace.  I can't decide which to do first.

The palm tree looks much better with it's ears trimmed, so I suppose it will stay for awhile.  Landscaping is also on the list, but I'm not very good at it.  Angie's list, here I come.
Although the rain has stopped, clouds and fog will be in today's forecast.  Hopefully the rain stays away long enough for the rodeo.  It's going to be rather muddy I expect.  Mid week, the temperatures are headed back down to the low 30's.  I thought this was Arizona?  Land of sunshine!  Am I in the wrong state??


  1. Wow $800.00 for the tags for your coach, think are are up too $100.00 now. I know California is expensive but...
    Your yard work looks wonderful and of course the sunset photos always a work of art.

    1. That's actually cheap for California. It used to be $1800 a year.

  2. Just because it's 30° does not mean it's not sunny,, it's just damm cold and sunny
    On your cell phone Activate the date and time stamp take a picture of your DMV transaction If you get stopped and they run the tag it will show up on their computer but you at least have a copy on your phones Photo album.
    They also have a great (free)phone app that you could take a picture as a scan document/ PDF for things like vehicle registration/Insurance papers
    As well as recipes or file information copy of bill of sales or articles in a book/magazine
    As far as the weather goes like the old timers saying.,,,standby it'll change

    1. Oh good idea Ed. I'll just take a picture of it. You're right about the weather. It was 72 yesterday, but freezing this morning!!

  3. Let see
    Montana LLC $800
    Montana no sales tax
    Vehicles 4 years old and under: $217. Pr year
    Vehicles 5 to 10 years old: $ year
    California 💰🤡

    1. I have heard of this before, but haven't tried it. I thought people were having problems. I'll check it out!

  4. "IF" you don't want to buy another printer, you could go to the public library and print it out there...probably cost you 50 cents or so. Of course, THEY probably won't have the Apple computers you are familiar with, but staff should be able to help you.

    1. Good idea! I have no idea where the library is, but I'll look it up. My guess is that it's about a 30 minute drive however.

  5. I can hear the frustration in your writing and $800 year? Wow! That alone is frustrating enough.
    I'm glad you went out and caught those beautiful sunset photos!
    Your landscape looks lovely, I'm glad you are keeping the palm tree...........for now. :)

    1. California DMV is the worst place on planet earth!! Sunsets help remediate the frustration! LOL