Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Golden Spike Strikes Again!!

If you want to have a great time, hardly stopping to catch your breath, come join our Golden Spike group.  Railroad enthusiasts from all over the Western States meet up several times a year to ride the rails, visit museums and check out everything RAILROAD.

To promote the clubs at the FMCA Western Rally, they have a Chapter Fair.  We set up on two tables versus the normal one because we have so many members with so much to say.  The REAL attraction is the candy.  We bring the best ... things like M&M's, Butterfingers, Snickers ... THAT'S how you bring in new people.
The First Time Attendee seminar brought in almost 400 prospective railroaders, who wandered through the aisles.  We pretty much wandered the aisles ourselves, scoring a small plastic wine glass (perfect for my rig) and taste testing everyones candy.
This is such a fun rally ... Viva Las Vegas ...  even ELVIS himself showed up to entertain the troops.
Most tables have one or two who help out ... about 15 of our group showed up.  There were yellow shirts everywhere!!
With that behind us, it was time to get ready for the dinner celebration.  The club buys pork loins, which are then marinated for a day or two in the Simon's rig ... thank you Betty and Kurt ... and barbecued by the men in our group.  These guys know how to cook meat.  It was cut-with-a-fork tender, along with two full tables full of salad and veggies.  

Always in a hurry with no spare time, I made bacon/onion green beans in the instant pot.  They came out perfect in spite of a little glitch.  In the meantime, I was running back and forth trying to get our entertainment into the fairgrounds.  Yup we do it up right!!!

This year our club was regaled with the Presidents of FMCA and the Western Region.  It's our 20 year anniversary, and thanks to our section leader Steve Shade, we received our recognition via FedEx just in the nick of time.
Our entertainment was finally discovered and delivered to our area just in time for after dinner music.  This is The Guitar Guy.  Our President Dan St John found him on-line.  We had never seen or heard him before.  

Sometimes things work out.  He was just great, playing mostly songs we had asked for.   From Country to Rock 'n Roll to Dean Martin, he played them all to a very receptive sing-along rowdy audience cuz that's how we roll!!  Asphalt makes a good dance floor.
Next on the menu .... our notorious pancake breakfast prepared by the men while us ladies sit on our tuffets waiting to be served.  And they want me to be President ... hahahahahaha.  They know not what they ask.  

At any rate, it's going to be another fun day of parades and pizza!!  

P.S.  I got another call from the Ice Cream Guys .... we are all set for delivery!!  YAY!!!!!


  1. Sounds like you are in your glory and having too much fun there. Really nice when things all come together.

    1. We ARE having fun. It's a great group to meet up with.

  2. You forgot to mention the desserts and especially the birthday celebrations with 'special' cake!

    1. I could NEVER forget the desserts ..... it's coming up next.

  3. Sure sounds like fun...and a lot of work for 'some' of you...

    1. Mostly work for my refrigerator since it's trying to hold all the food!!