Saturday, January 13, 2018

GOLD ... It's For Ice Cream

Hello from the Golden Spike Group, with smiling faces, ready to take on the daunting task of serving ice cream to 1700 rally attendees.  As most of you know, we do this every year, in the hopes we will get asphalt parking in the unpredictable Indio weather.
There are not one, but TWO ice cream socials ... one on Friday and one on Saturday.  You probably also know that I stress over this process every year.  One year the Schwans truck did NOT show up.  You can't imagine how wonderful it is to have 1700 people mad at you, even if it wasn't our fault.

That space in the picture above?  That was for me.  I take the first picture, then have someone else take mine and I put the two together.  I guess next year I better get a gold shirt so I blend in ... the better to NOT see me!!
I'm not the only one ... except I don't have the ingenuity that this gentlemen's wife has!!  I will definitely remember this for next year.  Although I probably would have used duck tape, his is held on with alligator clips.
So the ice cream came .... and we handed out over twelve hundred bars.  My dilemma is that I ordered 1500 ... with even more for today.  I made a second trip around and STILL had ice cream left over.  

Today will be the ice cream sundae social, accompanied by Costco cookies.  Luckily the driver is coming early enough for the ice cream to soften up so it can be "hand" scooped.  Whoopee!!!   THIS time I'm suggesting we fill the bowls to the brim, since there is no place to store any leftovers.  All our freezers are chock full!!

Note to Nancy ... 1700 people ... only order 1200 ice cream bars.

Wave goodby Golden Spike group!!!
The only other exciting thing I did was purchase a dash cover.  Isn't it beautiful?  No, not the top part ... that's a weird reflection from the sun reflectors.  It fits perfectly!  I love it!!  It's the wrong color.  On Thursday, I ordered a gorgeous gray one, which magically turned into tan upon opening the box.  

I didn't order tan because it reflects so badly in the windshield, I can hardly see to drive.  Back in the box it went.  Although this one came overnight, the next one won't arrive until Thursday of this week.  They are shipping it to Arizona for me.
Although I've heard the entertainment at night has been very good, I've not attended.  I've just been too tired.  Unfortunately, that means I've been up since 4:15 this morning.  C'est la vie!!  Maybe I can sneak in a nap before the ice cream arrives.


  1. That's a lot of ice cream, We love the dash cover in our car had it made 11 years ago and sure is nice. I am usually top at 4:30 as well so no late nights for me either,

    1. I rather like the early cool mornings when no one else is around.

  2. That's a lot of Ice Cream. Hope you get to Enjoy more of the Rally.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes it was Rick ... the rally has been fun due to the wonderful people in this group!!

  3. Who did you order the dash cover from?

    1. Shade Pro RV Awnings from Spring Valley Ca. You tell them the make and model of your rig, along with the length and they make it. Pretty fast service!!