Sunday, January 14, 2018

Here's The Scoop!!!

Well for Heaven's sake ... I didn't get one single picture of the men scooping all that ice cream.  RATS!!

So here's the scoop on the scooping!!  I started out at 9:30 helping to set up the ice cream social.  With tables in place, spoons and bowls waiting at the ready, I went back to gather the rest of our chocolate sauce and aprons.

The Schwan's guy showed up nice and early.  Boy do I like THAT!  We removed 57 gallons of ice cream from his truck, only to discover the cookie lady had commandeered my table.  With a little wrangling, the chocolate and caramel sauce finally found a home at the very end of the line.

Ready ... set ... GO!!!  The line was instantly long as our men began dishing it out.  After a quick taste test, with the help of Rich Dixon, I gathered up the bars left over from the previous day and began distribution to all the sections who could not attend in person.

As the big tubs were used up, I brought out more hoping there was enough time for it to soften.  Load 'em up!!!  I'm thinking we might have lots left over.

An hour later, the line was still just as long.  Okay, shorten those servings!!  In no time the line was gone.  Okay, larger servings please.  Kudos to this wonderful group of people who put up with me!!!

Two hours later, we finally gave away the very last scoop of ice cream.  How did we possibly do that???  It came out absolutely perfect!!
Unfortunately, there were approximately 64 dozen Costco cookies too many.  I'm sure glad that wasn't in MY balliwick.  I was one happy camper as we all returned to our rigs to gather up our last supplies for the final Happy Hour.  Since the playoff games are in full swing, we watched it on my outside television. First time that's been used in almost six years.
There's no rest for the group however ... this morning we're off to clean the fairgrounds of trash.  We'll ride around on golf carts and clean up the big stuff before closing our rigs and heading out.  I'll be spending the night in Quartzsite!!

Whew!!!  That's one more ice cream rally under my belt.


  1. Yeah into Quartzite gotta love it here, only one night?

  2. Only one night in Quartzsite, that's impossible. Do you know how many people want to say Hello. Always on a schedule. LOL
    Hope we get the chance to meet up some where down the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Dave ... I can't believe I pulled it off without a hitch!!