Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Official Opening Day

With another good soaking from the rain under our belts, the official opening day of the FMCA Western Area Rally has arrived.  After the generator fiasco where the nice gentleman turned it OFF, they brought in four smaller ones, one for each row in our huge lot.  It's a toss up ...   dirt and mud or generator and asphalt.  Either we are parked in the dirt and mud with no noise, or we are on the asphalt with the shortest walk to the festivities and a jet engine next door.  We chose the jets!

This was us two years ago ... it was nice having lake-front property.
Right off the bat while setting up on Sunday, I pulled on this strap to hold my window shade open and it broke with a bang.  They tell me these will be for sale in the Big Tent as the vendors have arrived today, so that will be the first thing on MY agenda.
The weather for our MAN-COOKED pancake breakfast was too cold and wet, so it has been rescheduled for Thursday morning.  The women LOVE it.  There's nothing like sitting outside sipping our orange juice while the men prepare all the food and wait on us hand and foot!!  Not necessarily voluntary, but a tradition I started last year!!  They were kind enough to agree.
My trip to the fabric store was very fruitful.  I found backing for one quilt I was working on, along with all this gorgeous material for another queen-size.  I usually go for the smaller sizes but this one will be large enough for my motorhome bed.
Then I spotted this Paris beauty that will make a great Christmas present.  Not for me.  I really am trying to be good.  HOWEVER ... nice material is not cheap.  It runs $10-12 a yard.  When you need 8 yards for backing, that can add up quite quickly!!  I think I've mentioned before ... always buy backing and binding WHEN YOU BUY THE QUILT!!  Otherwise I can never find something that looks good.
My credit card is crying.  In total I think there is a little over 20 years in my now stuffed to the gills closet.

OH ... I almost forgot.  Thank the Lord for small favors .... the ice cream guys called to say they have our order AND our ice cream.  How excited I was to hear from them!!!  Ecstatic in fact!!!

Today is the Chapter Fair where we try to lure potential members away from other clubs with loads of good candy ... like Snickers, M&M's and Almond Joy bars.  After that, our famous BBQ pork loin dinner anniversary celebration (this club has been around for 20 years now).  We even ordered entertainment ... we will be serenaded by The Guitar Guy.  

We are having cake and ice cream for dessert to celebrate Miss Dottie and my birthdays!!  Come join us!!


  1. Things are getting together and you had some rain , is good to be on the asphalt when the rains come. keep having a good time there.

  2. Glad you are having a good time, now take pity on your Credit Card. Maybe finish up all your projects before starting another. It would be a form of Downsizing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.