Friday, January 12, 2018


But first ...  MAN CAN COOK!!

Yesterday the women were treated like QUEENS as the men prepared a wonderful breakfast for us.  How often do you see that??  Here's the mixing table with five guys (not the hamburger kind) working on their mixology.
There were a few test runs before they were satisfied with the correct batter and heat.  I'm pretty sure I could NEVER cook pancakes on a barbecue grill.
Hard at work, I think they made about 300, which we ate with abandon, smothered in syrup and homemade jams.  On the far end is the sausage station, cooking in a huge cast iron skillet.  It doesn't get much better than this.  Thank you guys for all your hard work.  It was delicious.  
Next up ... the Viva Las Vegas parade, a tradition at this rally ever since I've been coming here.  As the color guard marched by, everyone stood.  There were no bended knees here!!!
A couple of oldies but goodies drove by, both the cars AND the drivers.
Who should appear over the horizon but ELVIS himself!  This happens to be the Chapel of the Bells with Elvis the officiating minister.
He was marrying everyone who followed behind, including these zombie lovebirds.
You had to look twice here to figure out who was on front and who was on back.  One side was WOMAN and one side MAN.  They sure can come up with some crazy costumes.
Here was a sight to behold.  Look closely.  I'm pretty sure there is an imposter in the group!!
At long last, Elvis has arrived!!!  He walked right over and placed his sweat covered scarf, DNA included, on the neck of Betty Simon, sitting next to me.  Ooh la la Betty!!!!
This little Elvis was the hit of the parade.  He marched right down the sides, smelling every single foot and getting pats along the way.
With the parade finally over, our group retired to the rigs where we AGAIN stuffed ourselves to the gills on salad and PIZZA!!  You could never say we don't eat well!
Lots of stuff has been going on in the background, like me running around trying to find out how much ice cream people need so I can worry over whether I have enough or not.  

In the meantime, Roadmaster came and checked my hitch, like they always do for everyone here.  Luckily I caught him this time, to discover there was a problem.  I'll tell you about that and a couple more irritations after the rally is over.  There's too much going on to worry about those things right now!!  

Today is the first ice cream social giveaway ... FREE ICE CREAM.  You can't beat that!!


  1. Elvis is back wow and in good form as well. The parade looks like fun. I do love when Loadmaster checks out our tow bar, we take ours in every year here for a free checkup and service if need be.

    1. I think if it weren't for this rally, I probably wouldn't get some of the maintenance done on my rig.

  2. If you decide to cook pancakes on your barbecue grill,,,, let me know I'll donate my video camera Think funniest home videos on TV

    1. We really did Ed and they came out GREAT!! With a griddle attachment!!