Friday, January 19, 2018

Slap Happy!!

It truly is NOT my goal in life to keep the bandaid companies in business, let alone neosporin and horse bandages.  I suppose you could call me a klutz.  Knowing that, I really do try to be careful so bad things don't happen to me.

I've surrounded myself with the tools of the trade just for those occasions.  Yesterday I was up nice and early as usual to shower and get all beautiful before heading off to Lowes.  You never know when you might meet a handsome single Contractor.  One of the things I do before leaving for California is turn the hot water heater to low.  Unfortunately for me, I forgot to turn it back UP.

When I jumped in the shower, that cold water woke me up rather quickly!!  YIKES!!!  I jumped back out, got dressed and headed out in the dark to turn it up.  The aforementioned piece of equipment resides behind a locked door only accessible from outside in the cold wind.  Did I mention it was dark?

I tromped right up to the door like I had done in the past, only to be attacked by a cactus bush.  How could it possibly have grown THAT BIG in such a short time.  I gathered my cactus pushing stick and a flashlight to no avail.  The bush wouldn't budge.

Out came the big guns ... my trusty clippers.  Eventually I was able to defeat the bush just enough to open the door and turn up the water heater.  My reward was nice hot water to wash off my bloody arms.
All of that before heading off to Lowes for the SECOND time.  You see I was there the day before, ordering this nice LG electric dryer.  My existing one is VERY old and a fire hazard from all the lint that is not caught by the trap.  

Back home at around 7:00 pm, I decided to remove the old one and clean up the fourteen coat hangars along with a myriad of dead animal bodies.  Hey ..... what's that metal pipe thing?  Turns out it's a GAS dryer.  Who knew?  Not me because I've never had one before.  Panic set in.

I immediately called Lowes and cancelled the electric one which was scheduled for delivery.  My goal YESTERDAY was to go order a GAS dryer.  However, after talking to Mr. Chance, I decided I should stick with electricity, since I'm so familiar with it zapping me every few minutes.  No use tempting fate with a gas flame in the house.  Maybe I need a pot of water on the stove.

At any rate, BACK to Lowes we went, where I apologetically ordered the same dryer AGAIN!!  They are delivering it today.  That's pretty fast service!!
Between attacking cactus and canceling dryers, I've become rather slap happy.  Every time I walk anywhere, I slap at things right and left, hoping to release the electric charge I've gathered along the way.  I really never thought I had an electric personality until now.

I discovered if you slap things hard enough, you don't feel the shock, since I haven't found any anti-static spray yet.  THAT will be my goal of the day once the dryer is installed.  I'm hoping the delivery guys will remove the metal gas pipe from the old dryer.  I don't think slapping that would be a good thing!!

A wonderful beef stew dinner at the Chance residence made my booboo's feel much better, along with a beautiful sunset on the drive home.
Here's hoping today goes a little better and the cactus will finally leave me alone!!


  1. Slapping around and getting rid of that attacking cactus sounds like a fun thing to do in the dark. The gas dryer sure will be nice, much more efficient than an electric one.

    1. Well it probably would have been, except I got an electric one after all! LOL

  2. You sure deserved that hot shower. Too late now but Bill thinks you would enjoy the gas dryer better. You are doing terrific on your own, Nancy, I give you lots of credit.

    1. I'm afraid the stress of knowing how much lint is under the house is greater than the luxury of a gas dryer. I went electric.

  3. You'll have to tackle the cactus problem in broad daylight so that it doesn't get the better of you.
    Gas Dryers are more efficient then Electric. If your installers remove that pipe make certain it is disconnected and Capped off so there is no further leakage.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you for the tip Rick. The installers did NOT cap off the gas line, which means it's up to me. How fun!!

  4. Not too mention you may not have the wiring ready to run an electric dryer?

    1. Luckily I DO have the wiring Don. the house original came with an electric connection, thank goodness!!

  5. Anti-static cling spray can be purchased usually in any Walmart / grocery department store
    I'm assuming you have a gas hot water heater
    If you turn the main house water valve off before you leave for California
    And you turn your hot water heater down low
    Here's a scenario for you
    If one of your lines for the hot water heater breaks and drain the hot water tank down to a certain point the sensor is going to say it needs to become hot which means it's going to turn your burner on
    Which in turn will never shut off because the sensor doesn't have any water to gauge the temperature It's a recipe for disaster
    Most water heaters today are self-igniting it's just a matter of turning it on on your first day back and waiting for the water to reach the appropriate
    If somebody left you a todo reminder list (hint hint )🗳🛎🛎That you turned the hot water heater off no cactuses would've been harmed
    And Johnson and Johnson bandaid stock would've gone down,, 💰😱

    1. I can't turn the water off Ed ... the sprinklers are on the same line. Probably lucky for me cuz I never thought of that being a problem! Thank you for the warning! I really do have lists everywhere ... I'll just have to add one more!!