Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Rain In The Desert??

History is repeating itself.  Two years ago we came to the desert to be warm and meet with friends from all over the Western States.  It rained so hard some of our group ended up in lakes where they couldn't even exit their rigs.  Most all of the electrical connections were underwater too!!  YIKES!

Yesterday there was either a huge storm coming with 40 mph winds or maybe just a drizzle, depending on who you chose to believe.  It was pretty dark and overcast at 3:30 when we scheduled our happy hour and business meeting.
Does it not look like we are having fun???  Perfect temperatures and great food.
At least we were until Dottie raised her hands while explaining something very important to Betty and opened up the heavens above.
In no time we were surrounded by black skies as the rain started to fall.
Thirty people squished in under my not-so-large awning, along with the table of food.  No one complained because you could reach anything you wanted to snack on!  The business meeting was short and sweet.
The wind came up, the wind died down and the clouds passed by without dumping gallons of water on us, but we did get a nice air freshening.  Just before midnight however, everything changed.  Although there has been little to no wind, the rain continued all night long.  I can't complain since  California needs it badly.
I don't mind the rain, but my dogs are another story.  I literally have to drag them outside.  This morning Jessie did her "I'm NOT going" trick and pulled out of her harness.  Lucky for me she didn't run off, but I had a heck of a time catching her and getting it back on.  By the time we got back to the rig, I looked like a drowned rat!!  

I hesitate to tell you what I did BEFORE happy hour and the rain.  Entering Monica's Beads and Quilts is a dangerous thing to do when you have a credit card in your pocket.  The only place I have left to store things is in the fridge, which was quickly filled to the brim with group food for the next four days.  Guess I'll be using my bags of material for pillows.  Pictures tomorrow.


  1. Glad you survived the rain, looks like we may get some here in Q today. so its a wait and see what happens.

    1. It has never rained when I've been in Q. That would be a first!!

  2. We saw the forecast and some clouds that looked like the rain was falling but we stayed dry.
    Hope your Credit Card didn't take too much of a beating.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.