Saturday, January 20, 2018

Taking A Load Off

I probably never mentioned the load that was under my rig for the last three months.  Dan Chance, having used his backhoe/tractor to build an RV pad next to my Arizona digs using something like ten huge truckloads of dirt, including installation of electric and water lines, refused payment for same.  He's one of the best neighbors this subdivision has ever seen since he loves to operate his tractor.

I knew one of his favorite drinks was Sharps NA Beer.  I'm mostly a non-drinker myself and truly hate the taste of beer, but since he can't get it anywhere in Arizona or California, I decided to surprise him with a few cases from Oregon.  I bought up everything I could find, which took some doing.

That heavy load has been traveling with me ever since.  Time for the big reveal!!  As Dan drove up, I already had maybe six cases on the ground next to the rig.  That's when I disappeared completely inside the bay, crawling all the way to the far side to retrieve the rest of 21 errant cases.  Yup ... Dan was surprised!!

Now that THAT'S out of the way, I'll probably get much better fuel mileage from the weight loss!!
I messed around the house in the morning, waiting for the call from Lowes about the dryer delivery.  After some discussion, I went with the electric one.  The plug was already in the wall and I was concerned about having gas and flames anywhere near the old venting and all that lint, especially when I'm not here.

I did all that contemplating on the patio looking out over the desert.  That brought up the subject of the back yard, the brown grass and overgrown bushes.  With water being the most expensive thing in the desert ... electricity and gas are cheap compared to California ... the grass will remain a tad bit brown.
Since it's winter, even though it feels like a nice summer to me, the critters are NOT out in force like they were in June.  Later in the evening a few gambles quail stopped by my water station, along with this cute bunny.  I could sit out here all day and watch for critters.
Still waiting for the dryer phone call, I took down all the rods and drapes in my bedroom.  I filled the holes as best I could.  With no paint to touch up things, it's still going to be visible until I get some type of drapes.  That's harder than it sounds.  All the ones I want are several hundred dollars and I'm too cheap to buy them.  

Make them you say?  Yes I suppose I could ... UGH!  That's a BIG project.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door.  YAY!!!  HAPPY DANCE!!  My dryer has arrived.  I mentioned the old gas line, whereupon the guy said he couldn't touch it.  They were supposed to tell me to have a plumber unhook the line.  

Instantly blond Nancy put on her sweetest oh-NO-who-do-I-call face and talked the guy into turning the valve off and disconnecting the line ... at least from the old dryer end.  Apparently I now have to find a plug, unscrew the old line and cap the pipe.  I do NOT look forward to doing that, but I suppose it will add to my list of things I really can do if I put my mind to it.

Isn't she beautiful???  I later discovered there actually is a vent to the outside ... it's about 25 feet long, going clear under the house to a small exhaust vent.  How do I know that?  Because I got my trusty flashlight and crawled down in the access hole.  I just pretended I was crawling under the rig to clean my jacks.
First thing this morning, I'm doing some laundry so I can see how she works.  What a relief not to worry about smoke and fire, not to mention she's quiet as a mouse!!

Next up ... working on my sewing room the cheap, or rather inexpensive way.


  1. Bill drinks the NA beer and we've found Sharps here. Tell Dan to try St. Pauls

    1. He has tried it, but apparently it doesn't take like Sharps!!

  2. Nice that you have your new dryer in and installed. Capping off the gas line will give you another job well done.

    1. I'm pretty intimidated by the "gas" thing ... along with my klutsiness! LOL

  3. Sometimes you get lucky in second hand shops and find the most beautiful things. Drapes might be one of them.
    Your porch looks beautiful, would love to see a picture of your whole place from the outside. Congrats on the new dryer.

    1. I'm looking there for small furniture pieces ... I'll keep my eyes out for drapes. Great idea!

  4. Can you get CNN on that big TV dryer

    On the outside of your house do you have a standard dryer vent

    When you were looking at the dryer vent pipe to under your house
    Is it a metal 4 inch pipe.
    or is it the soft flexible kind (if it's soft and flexible disregard these instructions )
    If it is a 4 inch metal pipe. ( it looks like stove pipe)
    The next time you go to Lowe's tell them you want a vent dryer clean out brush (looks like the kind a chimney sweeper would use ) and you want flexible extensions for that amount of distance
    Take the outside dryer vent cover off it should snap right off
    Add all the extensions to the brush
    push the brush in about 8 inches inside the pipe with brush in
    turn the dryer on
    ((((Stand off to one side )))))and slowly insert the brush, with a back-and-forth motion The dryer air coming out will vent the lint.
    If you do that 2 or 3 three times the pipe Will come out nice and clean lint free
    but before warned it's a dirty Linty job ((Old clothes recommend it))

    1. I will definitely do that Ed ... it's a very long flexible hose, but anything will help!!

  5. I hung believe it or not, drop cloths with drapery clips. They are long enough to hang to the floor, are quite insulating when needed and machine washable. When hung, they look like linen drapes for only $10 a panel.

    Here's an example:

    1. I'm going to check it out .... sounds like it might just work perfectly!! And SO inexpensive!! I love it!

  6. Friends returning favours for Friends who do favours is always nice.
    Mr Ed has the right idea of cleaning the vent pipe but when you turn the dryer on put it on the cool setting. No heat required.
    Good luck with your new curtains.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick ... I would have used the heat cycle. Should be an interesting project!!

  7. The brush that Mr. Ed mentions is wonderful. Grabs the stuff right out. I also use my brush (very carefully) under the fridge to grab the animal dust balls. Try thrift stores for drapes/curtains. This time of year, people are clearing stuff out...never know what you night find.

    Liz--Boise, ID

    1. I'm going to try it Liz ... assuming I can find the brush!