Friday, April 24, 2015

A Big Bump In The Road ...

While I wish I had a beautiful garage for my mobile Kissack Kastle to keep it out of the weather, it hasn't happened yet.  The local building department thought I should be much further back from the property lines than is possible.  That means lots of dirt and dust, which stream off the sides when it rains, which happened once ..... about a month ago.  With an upcoming rally, I feel bad because everyone else's rigs are spotless ... immaculate ... shining in the sun.

THAT means a big job for me ... hand washing this beast.  I tried a truck wash once in Oregon, but there was so much damage to the finish, I swore I'd never go through one again!!  With hose, buckets and towels in hand, I got an early start yesterday.  See that back slide sticking out??  I'll give you three guesses what happened!!
With the passenger side done, I went around opening all the bay doors and wiping them down before starting the driver's side.  Sure enough, in a quick senior moment, I raised up under that corner and smacked my head!!  OWWWWW!!!  That quickly put an end to the wash job as a headache spread across my skull.  In minutes I had a HUGE bump.  AGAIN!!!  This hasn't happened too many times, but even once is more than enough.  I'm usually very vigilant about this kind of thing!!  I think I can still feel the bumps from every other time I've raised up under those corners!!

Feeling better after lunch, I managed to finish the job.  A couple of things quickly came to my attention on this side of the rig.  I'm missing something (probably just a drain cover) ... and two covers over the back window drains were very loose and falling off.
I called Tiffin to order the parts, but after 15 minutes on the phone, discovered I was number 25 in the queue.  If you were even number 10, wouldn't you hang up??  I did ... and sent an email with these pictures.  Hopefully I'll get a response in the next couple of weeks!!  If not, I'll just have to call my friend Bob!!
While all of this was going on, both dogs were outside ... Cooper laying in the shade watching me and Jessie ...... hey where's Jessie??  I called and whistled (whistling means a treat and usually brings her on the run) but she was nowhere to be seen.  I checked the house, to find her laying on the couch with a terribly guilty look on her face.  

It didn't take me long to find out why .... WHEW!!!  She apparently found something nice and dead to roll in and she smelled horrible.  In a flash, she was in the washroom in the sink.  It took three washings to get "most" of the smell out.  Yuck!!!  Finally clean, she wasn't very happy about the bath!  Why do dogs DO THAT???
This morning the bump on my head has subsided, but it's twice as sore as yesterday. I guess if I'm going to keep that slide out when parked at home for access to the bedroom closet, I better get a swim noodle and cut it to fit the bottom edge ... I can't afford to lose any more brain cells at my age!!

It's time to print out my RV Travel List and start checking things off.  I found it was much easier to do this than figure out where to put all those electronic cords and stuff I keep buying because I left it home.  I pretty much have two of everything and three or more of several items!!  It also helps me remember things like check the tires, fill the water tank, my phone, my purse, ice cream, the dogs ... you know, the important stuff!!  It's time to get packing ......


  1. Jesse could be on a wanted poster in a post office for criminal activity. How cute.

    1. LOL yes she could Jan ... she has that "I didn't do it" look!!!

  2. Found Skruffy on top of a Dove I know she is too small and old and loud to sneak up on a Dove, so we think a Hawk took the Dove to the ground, she then scared the Hawk and got the "reward". Got to her before she ripped into it, but poor Dove was history. You just gotta love them no matter what they do.... :)

    1. Too funny .... at least you didn't have to give her a bath!!! They can definitely get into trouble in a flash!!