Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Little This, A Little That!!

Sometimes you just HAVE to break your diet!!  I've been very good for the last month, so when I saw this weird recipe flash across the internet, I thought I'd try it, since I have one more section of cemetery in the back yard that's still available.   Now biscuits aren't my forte ... my dad made wonderful delicious crispy nuggets of pillowy goodness in his dutch oven.  I make hard as rock, choke you when you swallow lumps of hard tack.  Here's the recipe ... 4 cups Bisquick, 1 cup SevenUp, 1 cup Sour Cream.  Mix it up, roll it out (it will be a wet dough), cut and bake at 425 for 15-18 minutes.  They came out wonderful soft, tender, light puffy morsels of deliciousness.  I ate one ... or two!  Okay, I ate THREE!!!
Here's one for your grandkids if you're getting together for Easter ... a couple banana slices, some blueberries and a little whipped cream.  Cutest bunny pancake EVER!!!  No, I didn't make this one, it was from a friend ... he made it for his 7 year old grand daughter!!
I spent the morning with my gardener, trying to get the drip irrigation fixed.  I heard a strange noise the other morning.  After some investigation, I found a huge geyser in my front yard.  When I fixed that, I still had four smaller ones spouting like Old Faithful.  With those fixed and some fertilizer sprinkled around, we headed over to the ranch to look at the last of the branches to be hauled off.  He said he could do it easily ... YAY!!  One more thing off my plate!

Many moons ago when I ran the cutting horse practice at the Horseman's Association, I met Susan Regert ... artist extraordinaire.  Many of her paintings have been featured in Western Magazines, and one resides in my house, the only one painted on paper she made.  While at the furniture store, I saw her name ... walked over and to my surprise, there were a bunch of metal sculptures.
Seems her son snagged some of her artistic talent.  Although it says these are HERS, word is they are cut with a plasma cutter by her son ... or maybe it was her husband.  At any rate, this is the newest member of my family.  I WANT A PLASMA CUTTER!!!  I've always wanted to do this kind of work ... or craft.  Welding stuff together, cutting up metal ... how fun would that be!!   But alas, I have no idea what kind to get or really how to use it!!  Do the Escapees have welding classes??
I picked up my new RV chair and brought it home.  It's tough when you don't have help moving things.  I was so excited to get it in the rig, that I stuffed, moaned, groaned and squeezed until after three tries, I finally got it over my head and in the door.  Hmmmm a little forethought would have saved me a lot of trouble.  If I had opened the slide and moved the passenger chair back, it would have been much easier.  Oh NO!!!  I forgot to take the other chair out first!!  It took some doing, but I managed to remove the rocker before getting mad and cutting it to bits!!  WHEW!!!  That was hard work!!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.  Just for kicks, I tried dying some eggs with natural things like turmeric, onion skins and chili powder.  With no results whatsoever, I checked the internet to find I needed to add salt, boil the mixture, then leave the eggs in overnight.   Oh well, NEXT year I'll try again.   I hope everyone has a wonderful day with their families and grandchildren gathering eggs and eating lots of chocolate bunnies.  As always, please remember the reason for the holiday ..... HE IS RISEN!


  1. I do not have any artistic talent but do love great paintings. I have acquired a few of Bill Jaxon's prints. I'll have to be on the look out for some of Susan's works, I think I'd like them.

    1. Jan, she has some beauties from the "old" days, but seems to have moved into flowers. My favorite is her Brahma Bull!