Tuesday, April 14, 2015

There's Always A Glitch!!!

I have a rally coming up soon ... the Golden Spike group is meeting at Tehachapi to check out the freight trains that make a complete loop over themselves in order to travel over the pass and on to Mohave, heading further East.  This is a fun group that never sits still long enough to cook, so having a crockpot in the rig for our potluck dinners is a must.

I have a HUGE one in my home kitchen and a tiny one in the rig, neither of which will work, so I went looking for a medium sized one that will be JUST RIGHT!!  There were many to choose from ... in fact there were ten varieties at Target alone!!  Most were really large, programmable and lots of bucks.  This one finally got the gold star for perfect size ... 4.5 quart ... and $19.99.
Just to make sure there wasn't a glitch in my plan to cook chili verde for the potluck, I ran a quick recipe of chicken tortilla soup through to test that it would actually heat up.  It did ... and the soup was yummy!!  It probably won't be so yummy after the tenth bowl this week!!
I'm sure you noticed there's no pictures of the beautiful finished table ... there was a glitch with that!! My little friend "always check", who sits on my shoulder, went to sleep when I purchased the two part crackle glaze.  The second jar looked kind of funny, but the gal said it was fine.  I should have checked, because it wasn't fine at all.  In fact, although it's supposed to be liquid, it's as solid as the wax you finish with.  RATS!!!  Another glitch ... another 50 mile round trip to get a replacement bottle!!

In other good news, my quilter finished this Noel quilt, so I got busy sewing the binding and embellishments.  The stars on the trees are buttons, as are the holly berries, with a few snowflakes thrown in on the poinsettias.  It didn't take long for THIS glitch to show up .... not enough buttons!!  
My quilter wanted to take it to her Tuesday class and show the students, so I had to get creative with what I had!!  If she hangs it on the wall and doesn't let anyone get too close, it will pass inspection.  Really, the idea is to showcase her quilting .... which she did nicely considering all the layers!!
Hoping for no more glitches today, I'm off to return the bottle of glue and finish the crackle table, then it's High Ho, High Ho, off to the Magic Kingdom I go ... to AGAIN try and break the black magic spell on the plastic box!!  Maybe I should wear my RUBY slippers instead of the glass ones and carry a bucket of water.  I bet THAT would work!!!

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