Monday, April 20, 2015

Beauties Around Every Corner!!!

There's been so much going on, I don't know where to start, so how about this Beauty!!  My ugly old scratched table has turned into a beautiful NEW scratched table.
You may remember what it looked like before ... the top so scratched that I couldn't even GIVE it away!!  I know ... it still looks trashed ... but it's the latest fad in old furniture, chalk paint trash.
I used a crackle paint on this one ... two layers, the second of which, while drying, turns into this rhino-hide finish.  This wasn't an easy process.  I definitely recommend Michael's crackle medium over what I used.  When waxed with a mixture of white and dark brown, the textures really show up.  The edges were sanded with a small hand sander, which immediately clogged with paint.  That was when I learned you should sand it by hand BEFORE you use the crackle.
I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this beholder loves the new table!!
I spent three days mapping out my summer trip, trying to coordinate those beautiful zero-cost Thousand Trails parks with motorhome repair and quilt shopping!!  It's a beautiful thing when THAT chore is done!!  Now to find fuel stops to match!!

The ranch clean-up bill came ... a beautiful thing for my eyes, to say the least.  Turns out they charged us $2,000 less than the estimate.  Not sure if that's good or bad as far as estimating goes, but my wallet was VERY happy!!

I drug this beauty out of my cabinet again.  If you are looking for a small ice cream maker, this Cuisinart $59 model has been making the best homemade ice cream!!  It's definitely a thing of beauty, especially when filled with peanut butter ice cream!!!  You do have to keep the bowl in the freezer, but it makes a beautiful soft serve in 15 minutes!!
Now THIS is BEAUTIFUL!!!  Especially for an ice cream addict!!
All good things must come to an end, and they did unexpectedly yesterday morning when I fed my two beauties, Cooper and Jessie.  Jessie began to cough ... and as I turned around, she started to have a seizure.  At only ten years of age, my beautiful rescue Jack Russell was losing her balance and acting very funny.  Her neck was stiff, as were her legs, and she kept backing up.  I moved her to the couch and held her for a few minutes, before getting to my phone to Google her symptoms.  Sure enough, everyone described her actions to a T.  She slept quietly most of the day and was back to normal by last night.  If it happens again, we'll have to see about getting some meds.  It's sad to see my growley rambunctious baby not feeling well.

In the back yard, these beauties are happy as can be, blooming like crazy!!  The warm weather is doing wonders for my yard, especially since I got the drip system working again.  The gardener got carried away with his weedeater and broke several lines.  I always complain that these were supposed to be "carpet" roses (apparently not in my landscaper's vocabulary) but they are beautiful and they hide the weed patch horse corral nicely!!
I'm going to spend another day at home with Miss Jessie to be sure she's out of the woods.  I'm also testing the Black Box cash register.  It will definitely be a thing of beauty if it works tomorrow night!!  I still have some programming issues, but can't do much more until the peasants make more paper.  This thing has a definite appetite for wood products.  If it doesn't get any, it quits working until reloaded.  If that happens at the big tax collection party, it would definitely NOT be a beautiful thing!!


  1. I love your table. Your's is exactly like ours but our finish isn't scratched, maybe it could have an accident and then a reason to try the new finish.

  2. Don't know if this helps or not....Bubba has had many seizures until the Vet put him on Advantage Multi for heartworm, flea and ticks. Prior to that he took a pill. That was 2+ years ago now, and he has had very few seizures, and much smaller seizures than before the few times he has had one. Bubba is a Cocker Spaniel. Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you Dave ... she is on Advantage, but just for heart worm. I have no idea what set it off, but it was scary for her. Hoping it doesn't happen often!!

    2. If she is already on Topical and not on Oral, than this won't matter...the Vet said it was the change from Oral to Topical that cut down (and nearly eliminated) the seizures.