Monday, April 6, 2015

The EASTER BUNNY Stopped By!!!

Funny, I don't remember the Easter Bunny EVER coming to MY house like he came to Central California yesterday!!!  Of course it helps if your Mom is one of those very talented, artistic, creative people who just can't help herself!!  Mr. Bunny hopped on by her house yesterday morning, leaving tracks for Braden, that had to be hand painted around midnight!!
He's a sly little guy, Mr. Bunny.  Not only did he leave tracks, but he whispered in their ear to invite me to Easter Brunch.  Who could turn down an invitation like that when the cook is a Chef??  Certainly not me!!!
Chef Nick pours a pretty mean orange juice ... (a Mimosa to be exact) ... to start the morning.  My good friend Diane and I sipped away as we watched Mom Shelbi hide the plastic candy filled eggs around the yard.  
Last year at one, Braden didn't quite get it.  This year at TWO, it didn't take him long at all to get the hang of treasure egg hunting!!  In no time, his basket was overflowing!!  Unfortunately when the game was over and all the eggs retrieved, he just kept looking!!  It took some convincing before he sadly retreated to the house.  Double the eggs next year, Mom!!!
Brunch was wonderful, to say the least ... and THIS chef shares his recipes!!  Ham and onion quiche with a crispy hash brown crust, jalapeño corn bread with lots of tasty sweet corn, barbecued linguisa and fresh fruit salad.  Yum YUM!!!
I turned out to be the puppy magnet for the morning,  probably from that linguisa I ate.  Chloe and Ollie seemed to know I love puppies, or maybe they were just looking for handouts!!  
After opening four Easter baskets (yes FOUR!!) it was time for some bubble popping.  Braden loves this game and chases down every one, saying pop ... pop ... as they break on his hands.  What a cutie pie!!  I took over the bubble blowing in a slight breeze, that had him running from one end of the yard to the other.  Funny how he went down for a nap so easily!!
And what a great family to spend Easter with!!  I had so much fun ... I think I need to get out more when I'm home!!
Back at the ranch, I rearranged my patio to provide a little more room.  Cooper thought it was perfect ... giving him MUCH more room to roll the ball around and less obstacles for me to trip over while I run after it!!   He has me well trained!!
A little Easter Bunny carrot cake with ice cream was a fitting end to a wonderful sunny day ... except for that part when it started to rain.  Can you believe it??  Rain in California!!  

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