Sunday, April 5, 2015


I hope the Easter Bunny visited your house and left a plethora of candy and eggs, leaving no bunny skat for the kiddies to track in the house!!  Even if you have to spend it with relatives that aren't your favorite ... like Great Aunt Maude who drinks like a fish, or Uncle Charlie who knows everything ... just enjoy the fact that you actually HAVE family and it's only a day or so!!!
Being invited to a friends house, I thought I would try out this new carrot cake crock pot recipe.  I can hear you laughing .... my cooking skills lack a certain level of competency, but I wouldn't be swayed!!  Crock Pot Carrot Cake ... mix it up, dump it in and leave it for 4-1/2 to 6 hours.  How hard could that be??

Well about four hours later I began to smell the slight hint of burned cake, so I double checked the recipe and finally turned it off.  It actually looked pretty good from the top!!  The part they left out was that you should let it completely cool before disturbing the four inch tall mass!!
Although it looked like something out of a jar of baby food, it tasted pretty good but needed salt.  With no whipped cream as the recipe called for, I tried a little caramel ice cream (left over from pre-diet days).  Not bad actually, but it looks pretty awful and isn't something I would take to someone's house.

I scooped it into a big bowl and left it in the fridge.  Later, another taste test found it to be more cake-like and much more appetizing!!  I think the secret would be to let it cool, turn it out on a plate and refrigerate before cutting.  With these two taste tests I gained TWO pounds!!  RATS!!!
Here's my beautiful chair in the rig.  We had to add the chunk of wood when the cabinets were completed ... which I was supposed to have carpeted ... because the couch here was sitting on a deck two inches tall.  Carpet is the next project!!  Oh ... the drawer handles??  TWICE now I've purchased screws ... all of which were too short to extend through the cabinet and into the handle.  ONE more trip to Home Depot is required!!
Happy Easter everyone ... enjoy your Spring day, with or without family and remember what Easter is all about!!  If you get tired of deviled eggs, just wait until everyone has gone to bed and give them a nice ceremonial burial in the back yard!!


  1. Are you putting carpet over that beautiful tile?I'm getting rid of the carpet in ours,looks great but hard to keep clean.
    Love the carrot cake recipe. Bet it tastes good.

    1. No carpet on the tile, just on that piece of wood sticking out from under the chair. I LOVE my tile ... so easy to clean!!!