Thursday, April 2, 2015

Always Keep Your Eyes Open!!

You just never know when ... or where ... things you have been looking for, will magically appear.  Along with the flu bug this last month, I've come in too close contact with the Martha Stewart Virus, a deadly little no-seeum that not only makes you weak and tired, but drains your bank account!!

The first inkling of a problem was when I took the puppies outside and slowly began to wipe all the dirt and dust off the patio set in the beautiful 75 degree weather.  That seems to be when the bug thrives the most!!

I had a very large patio set, coincidentally made by Martha Stewart herself, that I never used.  One of my best friends (we worked together for about 11 years) has lots of backyard parties with no place to sit, so we hauled it over to her house, where it fit nicely on her patio.   THEN ... the bug snuck in through the screen and the open window, biting me in the living room.  A little furniture rearranging was the second symptom, and then it hit me hard!!  SLATERS FURNITURE STORE!!

I hadn't been there in years ... it's been a long time since this Virus has struck!!  The worst part is it makes you crazy enough to take your TRUCK to the store, instead of the smaller Jeep.  I'm just going to LOOK and say hello to my long time friend Diana.  As I walked around, the Martha bug kept biting and gnawing ... it's a good thing, right??

Low and behold, in the back corner I caught site of these familiar looking chairs.  I've been trying to find an affordable one to fit in my rig in the very small space I have ... but these are all too big!!
Diana jumped on that one ..... why we have ONE smaller chair on sale in the back room!!  I sat down, laid back and it was comfortable!!  And it swivels!!  And it's the right color!!  AND it's $300 cheaper than the one I saw in Quartzite!  Who would have thought I'd find this chair in THIS store?

I should have just walked away at that point, but that darn bug was still biting me, when I turned around to find a large leather ottoman with a lift off top (tons of storage) also on SALE!!  I could hear Martha's voice ... "it's PERFECT!"

Okay ... I'm done!!  That's it!!  I pushed Martha from my head, since she will never be coming to my house anyway, and pulled out my credit card.  At least I'll get free Hawaii flight miles!!  Somehow I felt MUCH better on the way home.  I think this session of the bug is finally over and I can recover at home with my feet on the new ottoman.
A slight relapse happened about midnight when visions of this "perfect" Martha Stewart table danced in my head.
It's a GOOD THING, right?????

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