Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What A Day .....

Tuesday, December 9, absolutely NOTHING interesting happened!!  Turns out it really was my day of rest.  The dense fog kept everyone at bay, including me.  The most exciting part of the afternoon was when I received a couple of packages, things I had ordered on-line.  I expected one to come assembled ... it didn't and it has probably 50 parts.  That will be today's project.

I've upped my running mileage to two miles a day.  I wear a fluorescent green jacket for running in the fog, but it didn't keep me from getting soaking wet.  The fog was more like rain!!  Looks like it's on the way out however, since we are scheduled to receive the storm of all storms in the next three days.  They have been warning people to get their gas tanks full, have lots of water and food available, along with their flashlights.  I'll just hang out in the rig, generator running if need be.

Late in the day I headed off to cashier Elks Bingo ... another exciting night of jackpot winners, some winning more than one game ... which results in lots of moaning and groaning!!  I took all that candy I made, thinking the guys would eventually eat it up.  Gone in 30 seconds!!!

That's it .... what a day!!  Definitely hope I don't have many more like this!!

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