Monday, December 1, 2014

Television Re-Runs!!

This post has absolutely nothing to do with television re-runs, although as one who stays home for a couple months at a time, I AM getting tired of the re-runs.  I've cooked that and it turned out terrible ... and what happened to all the home decorating-repair shows.  At least I learned something from THOSE!!  Now they show you how to tear apart the whole house, which is NOT up my alley!!

Okay, I'm off the subject.   Yesterday was a RE-RUN of Saturday!!  Since I forgot my camera and missed many nice photos AND I forgot the jam to be delivered, I decided to just go for a nice drive, take my time and take some pictures.  I've passed this sign many times ... Seven Legends Ranch Estates.  I've always wanted to have an entrance like this, so I drove in to see what it was all about.  The post pillars were a dead giveaway ... if you need rocks piled up like this to hold the posts up, it means you can't dig holes in the ground ... not a good sign if you're looking for a homesite!!
Once inside, I found absolutely NO homes ... just a long paved road to nowhere.  There were several large parcels full of dead orchard trees with huge pumps and holding tanks in the middle.  Apparently there wasn't even enough water to keep the trees alive.  What they DID have was cattle ... not that there was much to eat, but they looked to be in pretty good condition.
They were curiously interested with I first drove up, but quickly decided the grass was more interesting than I was.  Pretty babies they were!!
I crossed the Merced River at one point, still showing a little fall color.  With the heavy rains the last two days, most of the leaves were on the ground.  I'm sure people thought I was crazy, standing out in the wind and rain.  I had to be careful ... these roads are narrow with very few turnouts.  Usually I parked in someone's driveway and walked to where I could take a picture.
I'm sure the Chance's will know where this is ... part of the Jamestown Historic Railroad tracks that follow the highway.  It's too bad they don't use this section any more, but it's just too expensive to keep in good repair.
Green grass is already coming through at the tops of the hills.  In a few more days, all these beautiful yellow-brown wild oats will be gone and the mountains green like velvet with new grass.
I delivered the goods ... nothing like showing up at someone's door at lunchtime on Sunday, but Lori and Everett were gracious hosts, inviting me in to sit a spell.  It was SO worth the trip, catching up and getting to see a picture of their new grandson with his sister Ruby.   Hoping to see them in Quartzsite this year!  Oh, by the way, that jam needs to be kept in the refrigerator!!  Just as I got ready to leave, the rain began again.  I know California residents aren't used to driving in this wet stuff, but really people, 35 in a 55 isn't at all necessary!!  It's not SNOWING!!!  Frustrated, I finally just pulled over, took a couple pictures of a rock and let them get way ahead.  From then on, it was smooth sailing.
The last image I caught was of this absolutely gorgeous little tree.  I don't know what it is, but I WANT one!!  If anyone knows or has a guess, please let me know.  I would like to have TWO of these in my front yard.  Pretty spectacular to say the least!!!
I know it's Cyber Monday, but there's nothing cyber I'm looking for.  I got my discount fix on Friday and now need to get sewing on a Christmas present.  The sun should be out today long enough to dry the roof of the motorhome so I can start with the Aerospace 303 to lessen the oxidation.  Lots to do before I embark on another adventure!!!

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