Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hit or Miss!!

Having spent such a late night with Elvis, I didn't do much yesterday.  Rain kept me in the house, even though running was on my to-do list.  

I definitely wanted to finish this quilt before heading South.  It's my favorite, so I wanted to do it right.  My finishing skills were suspect, so an hour of sitting at the computer watching a You-Tube session on binding was the first thing to get scratched off.  About four hours later, with three new LARGE holes in my fingers on the sewing hand, not to mention six holes in the cuticle on the left hand from pushing the needle too far, I completed the binding ... and thus the quilt.  THIS is a HIT!!  I love this quilt!!  In fact, when it was being quilted professionally, several ladies tried to buy it.  Maybe I can make another ... so I checked the Alaskan website to find the material had been discontinued.  They did have this exact quilt for sale however ... for $425.00.  Holey moley!!!  I just made a work of art ... better take out some insurance on this baby!!!
Anyone care to bet whether dinner was a hit or miss???  With my cooking history, I usually expect a miss ... that way I'm REALLY happy when it's a hit!!  While all the sewing was going on, I desperately needed more room in the freezer, so out came a turkey breast for smoking.  That however, is rather labor intensive for one lousy turkey breast, even if it is an 7 pounder.  Better to heat up the oven ... not cheaper mind you, just easier.  In a quick 2-1/2 hours I had another turkey dinner all to myself!!  This one turned out a hit also!!  Yikes!!  I think that's three in a row!!!  Course most of it went back in the freezer, but at least they are smaller bags!!
It's getting to be crunch day for packing the rig, so I'll be hard at it again, traipsing back and forth in the rain getting clothes packed.  It's time to pack up the freezer, which I'm always reluctant to do.  I'm afraid the power will go off and I won't know it.  My solution is to put a small light in the rig window and leave it turned on.  That way, any time I look out the window, I'll know that the electricity is still on and the freezer cold.  I'm very excited ... it's getting close to lift-off day!!!


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    1. Me too Jan, because it always feels like I'm traveling to the moon and back with all the "stuff" I pack!!!