Thursday, December 18, 2014


Verb ... to overwhelm (someone) with things or people to be dealt with.  That's what my email box looks like ... inundated!!!  Not the water or wind from the recent "storm of the century", but from big companies looking for those Christmas dollars, along with requests from sheisters and hackers just waiting for your reply so they also can get their sticky fingers on your green stuff.

This morning I had 123 new emails.  The number usually hovers around 25 or 30.  I have to say the sheisters are getting pretty creative.  I keep getting letters from Citibank saying they have blocked my account because I tried to get in too many times with the incorrect password.  Just click right here and we will reset your password.  Very official looking ... in fact, exactly like a "real" email I received from Citibank three years ago ... when I actually HAD an account there.  I got so many of these fraudulent emails about my account that I closed it.  Seems they weren't interested in tracking down the perpetrators.

I especially love the ones who don't speak good English and can't spell.  I'm really not in the market for Viagra, but someone thinks I am ... I get at least four of those emails EVERY day!!  The newest scam ... FedEx Priority Overnight ... just give us your credit card number and we'll deliver this package "immediately".  Really??  If FedEx is delivering anything, it's already been paid for.

There are lots of horsey things ... buy this magazine or that vest ... maybe some more boots.  Don't they know I already have 8 pair???  You can't order anything on the internet any more without giving up your email address.  I'm sure they promptly sell it to 84 other companies, as the new emails come pouring in.  I think I've gotten more Halloween ads than I did before Halloween!!!

The solution of course, is NOT give out your email address.  Sometimes that's a tall order.  If they ask at any of the stores where I shop, I tell them I don't have one any more.  For those other stores that insist on an email address, I set up a dummy email account on another server.   I open it once a year and delete everything.  Even with that, I'm getting over a hundred unsolicited emails a day.  I'm hoping they go away after the new year!!  I know, wishful thinking!!

I whipped out the second batch of cinnamon rolls yesterday ... my house smells wonderful!!!  I made a quick trip to pick up my all-time favorite Alaska quilt (LOVE this quilting pattern - it looks like snow), when I got an incoming call.
Somewhere along the line, most, if not all, of my appointments got deleted from my phone ... I think during the last update.  This was the haircut appointment I missed, calling to ask where I was.  Lucky for me I was right around the corner.  After all, I have to look spiffy for the Elvis concert tonight in Fresno.  Yes, Elvis is alive and well in Central California.  News and pictures to follow!!!

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