Sunday, December 14, 2014

Panic Mode!!

How long does it take the ice cream delivery guy to respond to an email, confirming a 5,000 bar ice cream order??  The answer???  I don't know, because I never received one!!  Even after I sent ANOTHER email asking for a confirmation.  Time to enter panic mode!!

Anyone who was at the FMCA Rally in Indio two years ago, will remember the angry faces and unkind words spoken to our group because the ice cream never showed up.  At that time, our group was only responsible for handing it out.  With 2,500 people lined up to receive their free ice cream, you can imagine the icy stares and poison darts that were sent our way.  Imagine the SECOND day with still no ice cream!!  At the time, I had a smart phone, so volunteered to find out if the order had been placed ... which it had not.  Somehow, that turned in to me being the Captain in charge of ice cream.  (Note to self:  leave your phone in your pocket!!)  You can imagine how nervous I get every year when it comes time to place the order.

I sent the first email and waited two weeks.  Nothing ... nada ... zip.  I sent a second email to no avail. I had a sneaking suspicion the guy "was no longer".  Sure enough, when I finally got a human on the phone, the Manager was gone and Jimmy took his place.  Jimmy said to send HIM the email order and he would take care of it.

Another two weeks passed and I hadn't heard a thing.  Don't these guys know what it's like to face 2,500 old folks demanding their free ice cream??  I called, explained the situation, and was assured a return phone call from Jimmy.  Two days passed ..... nothing!!  I'm in full panic mode now!!  Where am I going to get 5,000 ice cream bars???

FINALLY!!!  Yesterday I received an email with an attachment showing he had placed the order, along with a second attachment confirming the ice cream would arrive at his facility on December 15th.  YAY!!!  At least that alleviated a small portion of my panic .... now if they will only deliver it on time to the rally.  Keep your fingers crossed!!!

I have to thank Dan St. John and Kurt Simon for jumping in and taking care of the rest of the rally-within-a-rally for me.  At least I don't have to worry about any of the food.  They have taken care of all of that ... I think it was bribery for having my name put on the List of Club Officers!!!  At any rate, I thank them immensely!!

My quilter called to say this quilt was finished, so I picked it up yesterday.  I call it Alice In Wonderland, since the quilting pattern looks like someone was smoking something illegal!!  It's just amazing what a computer and a sewing machine can do!!  I found these crazy patterned pieces on my Alaska trip, and was actually able to sew the top in the rig with the small Janome sewing machine Patty talked me into buying in Valdez.  You know the ploy ... if you don't buy it, I will!!  Well I'm glad I did, because now I can take my quilting on the road!!  I finished the side seams and packed it up ... it's a Christmas present!!
Everything went well with the RV yesterday ... the engine ran, the generator started and I'm still packing.  Seems like that part never ends!!!  Almost time to start the great cinnamon roll bake!!


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    1. Thank you Jan!!! I've never seen fabrics with these crazy patterns before, but everyone seems to like it!!

  2. Hope you can travel "between storms"....always nicer to drive on dry roads, especially if you are going to be 45 miles or more "south of Bakersfield". (remember when you could drive through Bakersfield and your biggest concern was, "can I find a bathroom to use"? and the worse thing about highway 99 was getting stuck behind a train crossing the freeway because if you didn't hit it right, you could be stuck behind it again and again....???) --Dave (

    1. That's so funny Dave ... I had been having the same thoughts about those Bakersfield trips!!!

  3. Put me on your Christmas list please. Love the quilt.The colors are perfect.

    1. You got it!!! Thank you ... unfortunately I've giving this one away ... so I took LOTS of pictures!!