Thursday, December 11, 2014


I'm sure everyone has heard about the BIG storm that was supposed to hit California yesterday ... key word here is WAS!!  That's right, it should have been pouring rain and flooding already.  It hasn't shown itself here yet.  Early this morning however were these beautiful clouds, piling up overhead like layers of whipped cream, only  much darker.
The winds are beginning to pick up a little to 15 mph, but nowhere near the 55-60 range.  As you can see by the radar map, it a good sized storm, but nothing like we went through back East.  In Kansas City, everything yellow here would be scary RED!!  By the way, it's moving North East, so what you see will pass by me .. which is a good thing!!  I can't say the same for Northern California as they are getting some rain and snow.  It's crazy that everyone is running around locally, buying all the food and water they can carry, fueling up their gas tanks (where are you going to go??) and stocking up on batteries.  If you live in the Sierra Mountains, that may not be a bad idea ... but around here, not much is happening!!  I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow .....
I baked some blueberry muffins as a test batch for an upcoming rally.  Honest, I only ate one.  
I put the 50 pieces together ... actually there were 10 pieces, 60 spool holder pieces and 30 tiny screws.  Good thing I had my trusty little magnetic tip screwdriver!!  This will hang on the wall in my sewing room and hold all the thread I've purchased ... half price by the way!!  At least Christmas sales are keeping SOME money in my pocket!!
I found this crazy yellowish-green jacket on Mackinac Island in Lake Huron, Michigan, perfect for a photo shoot in a corn field!!  I'm not sure Miss Jessie agrees with me ... I think she was growling!!  It's not the kind of thing you would wear in my neck of the woods.
I discovered the perfect Christmas tree for my kitty loving friends.  Every time they leave the house, they come home to more broken ornaments on the floor!!!  This is too funny ... but I think would solve the problem!!!
I'll be on storm watch all day today.  Maybe that tree in the back yard I've asked the gardeners three time to cut down will fall down of it's own accord!!  60 mph winds just might do the trick!!!


  1. Well Nancy the storm hit here (Sonoma County) last night sometime. It's going to be windy and wet for the next few days. We need the rain.


    1. I saw the radar pics of your area yesterday, Jim. I don't mind the rain at all, but am not a fan of wind. Hope you don't get too wet!!!