Friday, December 5, 2014

It's Packing Time Again!!

The drapes aren't any further along ... I never did make it to Home Depot.  I thought I would hit the grocery store first, which turned out to be a bad idea.  I went into sticker shock when they rang up the total bill.  I'm sure there wasn't a whole COW in that basket, so what could have cost $186??  I knew no water in California would raise the food prices, but this is pretty crazy!!

Once I had all the ingredients, the meatloaf turned out great.  To make a healthier but still tasty version, I split the meat between ground beef and ground turkey.  You really can't tell the difference at all.  According to my Chef friend Patty, if you put enough spices in it, you can't tell what it really was in the first place!!  Laying a few pieces of bacon over the top helps pretty much too!!  I always bake them on a broiling pan, a little tip I saw on TV one day ... it lets all the grease drip below instead of soaking into the meat, as in a meatloaf pan.  Be sure to spray the pan with non-stick spray first ... it's a pain to clean if you don't ... this is experience talking!!!  It was mighty tasty and I won't starve as this will last four to five days.  Meatloaf sandwiches are GREAT for breakfast!!
The rest of the food is still stacked on the counter.  It's packing time again and most of it will be stashed in the motorhome, including REAL macaroni and mold-free cheese.  Today I'll put the slides out to gain access to the closet so I can go through the clothes and shoes.  I really don't know why I bother ... I always seem to take the wrong stuff and have to hit Walmart for something to wear.  

It's also time to go over my long list of important bills to pay ... like insurance, DMV licenses and property tax.  This may sound rather silly, but I actually keep a list with every due date, month by month.  The years run across the top, so as I pay them, I check off each one.  That keeps me from missing one ... like last year's vehicle insurance.  Thankfully my agent called me when she got the cancellation notice!!  THAT would have been bad news!!  

Since dieting hasn't been working of late ... actually it hasn't been working for the past 14 years ... I decided to get back to running.  Truth be told, that didn't help either ... apparently my metabolism is on a permanent vacation.  Hope springs eternal though so I hit the roads this last week when it wasn't raining.  I didn't get very far ... maybe 3/4 of a mile before turning around, but at least I ran the entire distance!!  It felt GREAT ... until I woke up this morning.  Well not exactly woke up, I think I was awake all night with the achey feeling of having my muscles work more than normal.  Ugh!!!!  So this morning I have to get back at it to get rid of the soreness temporarily.  That means tomorrow morning I'll be stove up again ... and the cycle continues!!

Here's a cute way to display Christmas greetings.  Maybe I can figure out how to hang it on the rig.  It's an old picture frame with chalkboard paint on 1/4" plywood, cut to fit the back.  Last night while watching the Cowboys football game, I drew on the greeting.  I think I need to change the squiggles to the left of Holly ... it looks like SHOLLY!!  At any rate, seeing all the decorations is getting me in the Christmas mood.  Maybe I'll put up my tree after all ... after I get the motorhome packed.


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    1. I do have one Jan ... it's a mega tree, 9 foot tall and NOT pre lit. Maybe it's time to get a smaller one!!

  2. While packing don't forget to add your advance health directive, in case you need care.

    1. That's a VERY good idea. I have all my other paperwork, but never thought about that one!! Thank you!!!