Sunday, December 5, 2021

T. I. M. B. E. R. !!!!!

Thank you everyone for the comments about the fireplace, the macerator and the toolbox.  My head is spinning with all the new information, mostly about how nothing works unless you are hooked up to electricity.  More on that later!



This was a very pretty sycamore tree that came with the house.  Unfortunately, the people who planted it, didn't dig deep enough.  All its huge and extremely wide (up to 40 feet) root system was running above ground, about to tear up the fence on the right as well as starting to lift the concrete.  It was time to go!!  

These are the same expensive (in my checkbook anyway) guys who trimmed up the back wall last year.  Let's face it ... if you want a job done right, you have to pay for it.  I don't mind doing that at all when they are as professional as this crew is.

They used their chainsaw on a stick to lop all the lower branches so this guy could climb to the top.  He's the MAN, because at the top, it was none too wide.  He had a little one-hand chain saw hooked on a chain around his waist that he used to get the top branches off.

Everything was then gathered up by the two guys on the bottom and stuck into this monster eating machine.  I just love a good machine!!  They were sticking in 5" wide branches like they were toothpicks.

With the top finally gone, he climbed back down, cutting off 3 foot sections all the way to the bottom.  I was amazed to see them stick those 12" wide 3' long chunks in the machine which promptly chewed them up.  WOW!!

Then they brought out the next machine that eats up stumps like I eat cookies.  A little messy, but it sure got the job done.  

They raked and raked, cleaning up everything.  I told them to leave the leaves for my lawn guys.  Cooper was pretty surprised to find his favorite tree gone.  He's looking for his buddy Halo from next door, who will also be surprised that HIS favorite tree has disappeared!!  Yeah ... two dogs and one tree!!

The other main reason this tree needed to go is that it was a danger to the top of my fifth wheel.  I couldn't get out the gate and far enough left to miss those low hanging branches.  I had them trim some branches on the other two trees also, making it a clear path of escape.  I'm glad to finally have this done.

So after a long conversation with Bill Richards last night (weren't they surprised), my head is again swimming (more than usual) and I couldn't sleep at all.  You see in my old rig, everything was just park it and push a button or two without even thinking.    The inverter was built in, as was the generator.  I could boondock for six weeks with little problem. 

Now I have to think about so much stuff.  This rig is built for plugging in at an RV park.  That's fine, but I want to spend some time in Quartzsite too, without the $50 a night charge.  That means a generator that I have to take out and hook up, an inverter if I want 110 inside the rig, a propane heater (that's another story) and I don't know what else!!  Oh ... and don't forget the solar, or do I really need it?  Yes, that meant a 30 minute call to my mentor Dan Chance too.

I should have been thinking about this months ago, not now when there is no stock left anywhere.  It's Sunday, so nothing is going to get done today.  Besides, I have a memorial to attend at the Elks Lodge,  tuxedo and all!!!  At least I will be able to pick my friend Mark's brain since he has been a fifth wheel aficionado for 20 years!!  

Sooner or later I'm hoping the little light in my head will turn on!!!


  1. It was probably worth the money to have the professionals cut down that tree. Especially given the fact that they cleaned up as well as they did!

    1. Exactly my thoughts. And they didn't smash the neighbors house or even the old fence. It was a win-win for me!!

  2. The Pictures look like winter 0° no leaves expecting snow next week
    You see if you go back to when you first picked up your fiv,er I have suggested you get at least 1 or 2 (2 is better )solar panels And system that would allow you to run everything except your air conditioners / microwave
    ( in your case golf cart batteries not ion batteries)
    *The sun works slab city California
    that’s where a self starting generator in your truck would come in handy
    I even sent you a picture of the generator in the truck bed box.
    In this post you mentioned propane.. simple little gadget call Mr. buddy
    It’s not like you’re going to use it 24 -7 . setting it on low will still last you a long time
    (Although they do have an adapter to fit a 10 pound propane tank with hose)(there are pros and cons on that system feel free to ask me)
    Check with your camping in your yard buddy Doug I’m sure He has some good tricks up his sleeve Boondocking that he could pass on to you
    Saving money with all good intentions are fine ? There are times it doesn’t pay to cut corners to do an get the job done right

    1. Yup I got those suggestions from several people, but at the time I didn't see any reason to get expensive solar since I rarely boondock. Things have changed a bit ... I've given up on the really long trips and hope to stick around Quartzsite and Yuma here and there. And yes Doug has offered the same suggestions. I'm working on it!!!!

  3. Great to gave great arborist to get that tree down and roots and trunk gone quickly. Worth the money for a dangerous job. Nick's Dad, Steve does that for the town of Normal so I know
    I have two 100 watt solar panels and a 1500 watt inverter you can have. Try it out in Q while everyone is around to help you get comfortable. Really easy to set up. I used it for six years as my only electrical source and it did great

    1. It was worth every penny to have them do the work. Kudos to Nicks Dad ... that's hard work!!
      Okay, I'll take you up on the solar panels and inverter. That should be plenty to get me going!! Thanks Doug!!

  4. That guy up in the tree....just the picture alone scared me. I'm glad I didn't see this in real time. Elva

    1. He climbed that tree like it was nothing with a running (but not engaged) chain saw bouncing off his leg. Tough guy for sure!!

  5. Why can't you just plug your rig into the generator? Just have to watch what you turn on. If I run my a/c, I have to turn the converter off at the breaker box, and run anything else that uses 110 v.

    1. I can ... and will ... but I can't run the generator all night long for 110 inside to keep the bird warm. That's one of my main problems. He has to be kept warm. That's today's story!!