Saturday, December 11, 2021


 Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  I've been on the losing end in the search for my phony coffee.  I do like a nice hot cup of Joe in the mornings while I contemplate the amazing fact that I'm still alive.  For the last 30+ years, it's been this Orange Cafe that has kept me going through thick and thin.  It's even gone on vacations with me to Hawaii and not one, but TWO business trips to China.  That was all a lie, because although it WAS a business trip, I wasn't in the business of doing anything but being a tourist.  One of these days I'll tell you about those weird trips.

As you know, for some crazy reason, Maxwell House decided not to make it any more.  Finding an alternative has been a long and lonely road.  Every other flavor they make is so sweet even "I" can't stand it.  That's really saying something!!

I've tested a can here and there with no good results.  Yesterday however, was THE day to do a happy dance.  BOO-YAH!!!  I found my new coffee flavor.  Not too hot, not too cold and just the right amount of SUGAR!  I ordered 16 cans from Amazon!  I'm stockpiling this stuff like toilet paper!!

With a big smile on my face, I then headed off to the gas station for a few gallons of fuel for the generator.  I really do try to think ahead on occasion.  I better figure out how to run that generator before I go anywhere.  As you can tell, my cans are as old as the hills, making it SO much easier to dispense said fuel.  I didn't fill the red nozzled one ... it was too dirty inside.

The comedy of errors began at the pump when it said I had to go inside to pay.  I would rather move the truck.  At the second pump, my credit card wouldn't work.  I moved the truck again.  Then the fuel wouldn't pump without major contortions.  I couldn't really see how full they were getting.  I ended up only half full so I wouldn't lose any of that precious $4.79 a gallon gold.  I filled my two cans half way and it was STILL $12.50.

So here I am, knowing absolutely nothing about generators.  When I purchased it in Arizona, Dan started it for me, just to be sure it would run.  So many buttons and knobs!!!

I was able to check the oil ... yup full, and it was pretty easy to figure out where the fuel went.  I didn't fill it up either since I wasn't sure I would be able to lift the thing back into the truck!

I flipped the knob to choke and pulled the handle three times.  Nothing.  Might I just say, it took Dan only three pulls and it started right up.  Four or five more pulls .... nothing.

I messed with this thing for about 50 pulls, ten each time.  NADA!!!  Now I'm getting really frustrated and am on the verge of calling Mr. Chance.  I'll give it one more shot.

I wedged my foot against the side and pulled with both hands TWELVE times before it finally yelled uncle and started up.  I turned the knob back to RUN.  BOO-YAH!!!  I actually did it.  A happy dance ensued.  I'll probably be starting it every other day for the next six months, you know, just to be sure it's not so hard to do when I really need it.

By the way, anyone know how long they can run on a full tank of fuel?  I'm just curious.

Back inside the house, my little basket is coming along, although it's much harder to get those stitches in the right place than I ever thought.  I have always loved the grass baskets I see for sale around Arizona (I own several), but I now have a much greater appreciation for the workmanship.  

I decided to try a new stitch, made much more difficult by the lack of pictures in the instruction book I bought.  No wonder pine needle baskets are so expensive to buy!

It's puppy paralysis time before another session of packing ensues.  Then it will be Baking With Nancy as she whips up some Christmas presents.  That will be an adventure in itself!!  

Oh ... and just in case you want to be amazed and scared at the same time, there is a new show called Extreme Rescues on NatGeo I think.  This guy was 1,000 feet down in a cave when a rock fell and hit his back, cracking 5 vertebra.  The rescue crew had to crawl through tiny TINY spaces to find him and get him loaded onto a stretcher.  

BUT ...  they couldn't get the stretcher through the small openings to get back out.  I can't believe I'm even saying this .... they used small sticks of dynamite FIVE TIMES to open the pathway wide enough to get the stretcher through.  I held my breath the entire time!  It's a GREAT show!


  1. The basket looks great! I fought with my log splitter the other day only to find I too forgot to turn the knob to "Run". Amazing what turning one little knob will do!

    1. Aha!!! So I'm not the only one with starting problems!! Thank you, I feel better now!

  2. Unless you're going to use all that gasoline on your trip here's something you may want to consider after you use the gas switch out to non-ethanol type of gas
    E10 fuels are approved for usage in lawn mowers and outdoor power handhelds like chainsaws, trimmers, and leaf blowers. Gas with higher concentrations of ethanol is not. Always refer to your owner's manual for the correct fuel to use.

    While E10 fuels are approved for small engine equipment usage, it is not recommended, especially in handheld products. Gas with ethanol separates while being stored in your gas tank. The 2 stroke oil remains bonded to the gasoline but not to ethanol. Thus, the ethanol and water part of the mixture contains no oil for engine lubrication. This leads to poor lubrication, performance issues and costly repairs over time.
    Ethanol will start to absorb water over time, leading to poor engine performance. E10 gas absorbs up to 50 times more water than standard gasoline. It is recommended that you replace gas in your fuel tank every 2-3 weeks to avoid alcohol and water related engine issues.
    Ethanol is also an excellent solvent. Simply put, it will dissolve plastic, rubber, fiberglass and much more, potentially causing serious problems to small engines.
    And if you're going to Arizona we're fuel is cheap why buy it in California when it's expensive ??
    Different computer

    1. Interesting info ... but yeah, this says to use regular 87 octane fuel. I will definitely fill up before coming back to California.

  3. You do so much in a day you even wear me out. Glad you finally found your coffee. I just use the medium and put a yellow sugar pack and creamer in it.

    Your basket looks great so far. Looks like you're almost done.

    Hopefully with a couple of solar panels you won't need the generator so much. Time will tell how long the gas will last ☺

    Hopefully, you'll get the knack of starting that generator That many pulls and I would die. Good thing you're young.

    I'm going to have to check out NatGeo. All i need is to get hooked on another Dish show ��

    1. That show was amazing. Hope I can find it again. I suppose I could say that generator was my workout for the day. Good thing it's an easy pull!!!

  4. Hey, your basket is looking good. I've been think about making a basket from my grape vine trimmings. There are handsome ones in existence. Mine probably wont be.
    Meanwhile, I hate a rope pull start more than anything in life. Congratulations! You won.

    1. I think your basket idea is fabulous!! Way back when I used to gather grape vines with my buddy Patty to make wreaths. I think they would be perfect!!! As to the rope pull ... I was pretty determined after paying so much for the darn thing.