Monday, December 28, 2020

Where Are We???

We REALLY should have attended those meetings about our trip to Costa Rica.  Having looked at a map for the last 30 minutes, I think we are on the Colorado River (which is WAY too close to Nicaragua), but to be truthful, I have no idea now, nor did I have any idea THEN.  Here's our little dock upon arrival in the pouring rain.  In two seconds, we were soaked from head to toe.

 I thought it unusual of them to post this sign.  In case of WHAT emergency??  Oh Patty, what have we gotten ourselves into? 

 The first trip was to the Sea Turtle Conservancy in Tortuguero.  We went by boat down the river and way around the corner.  Where are we?  I only know because I just looked it up.  We paid our $2.00 and walked through the forest.  We had a guide telling us about how they were trying to save the sea turtles that swim across the Caribbean Sea to Cuba and Haiti.

The turtles lay eggs on the beach, which the conservancy guards until they hatch, making sure they all make it to the ocean alive.

 Here's the turtles on the Caribbean beach side.  How many can you count?  Yeah, we didn't see any either.  It was a beautiful long beach without a single turtle in sight.  Apparently they only come out of the water at night.  We were warned not to wander very far because we would never be able to find our way back.  Oh great!!!

 Since we were there, we walked through the little town of Tortuguero, perched on the very edge of the river.  There are no roads here, only a walkway.  Travel is by bicycle, foot or boat.  They know when the touristas are going to show up and open their shops full of handmade items.  I purchased a little wooden green tree frog, the symbol of Costa Rica.

There was lots of jewelry and well, junk.  No matter, we thought it was our duty to at least help their economy.  Surprisingly they had a music school here for the kids.  Here you see a couple of their star performers. 

 Most all of the buildings were painted with images of local critters, those buildings having been left over from the timber industry.  Surprised?  This area naturally grows trees, which you will see later, that were harvested, sold and turned into furniture.  Wait til you see where the trees are!!

 Drum solo here.  I have to admit the kids were pretty good and we got a kick out of their performance.

 Again with the heat and you can imagine the humidity.  There were no water fountains, water bottles or bottles of soda to cool off with.  The only refreshment we saw was this guy whacking the end off of coconuts for your drinking pleasure.  We passed.

Here's the main street of town backed up against the jungle.  I have to say it was rather different since Patty and I knew NO ONE on this part of the trip.  Everyone else stayed in their little groups with their guide.  We just kind of followed along with NO guide.  This comes into play later in the trip.

 Here's an interesting structure.  This is a house.  No heat, no air conditioning, just a floating barge.  If you look real close, you can see a washing machine inside the door.  It's the only one we saw.  Of course everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, drains into the river. 


On the way back home we passed several more houses.  Talk about a laid back atmosphere.  All of their time is spent fishing on the river for dinner or making little things to sell to the tourists.  I have to admit at this point we STILL didn't know where the heck we were, other than on a river in the jungle.

Next up, almost struct by lightning!!  Oh it gets even better!!

On a more familiar note, I whipped up some mac 'n cheese with ham.  This has to be my all time favorite meal.  Sprinkle the top with Italian Panko crumbs and uhmmm uhmmm GOOD!!  I ate TWO bowls full in my best china dishes!!

Thankfully the weather in Tucson has warmed up a tad, but today we're expecting winds from 15-20 mph with gusts up to 35.  This will be a day of phone calls, sewing binding and puppy play. 


  1. Taking a trip like that is a real Eye-opener as to how the rest of the world lives.
    Glad you are settling in to your house.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. You know Nancy, most people go to London or Paris for vacation. But not you and Patty! You two love the humidity, heat and torrential rains instead 🙃 loved the little drummer boy making do with cans. Whatever works.

    1. RIGHT?? I have no idea what possessed us, other than we both are true adventurers! No glitzy Paris for us!

  3. So many of these so called 'third world' countries pollute so much, yet 'WE' are the ones who are suppose to keep the world clean. I don't mind some standards, but me thinks California is going overboard with their expectations over the next ten years or's as if "Electric Cars" produce no pollution...forgetting all it takes to create the cars, the batteries, and of course, the electricity to run said cars. Remember the day they said, "Use plastic bags and save a tree"? Now it's "Plastic Bags kill animals who get wound up in them and the plastic does not degrade and fill up our landfills". enough said

    1. Right on every count!! You would think they would go back to paper bags. The funny thing is electric cars need more than the sun to make electricity.

  4. Aww the kids are cute! Mac Cheese and ham sounds and looks yummy! That was certainly quite a trip you had! :)

    1. They played those drums like champs! It was different, I can say that!

  5. WOW a bobcat, beautiful.
    That is quite the trip you took to Costa Rica.
    No Sea Turtles I feel your disappointment. That is how I feel about the longhorns in Texas...where are they???

    1. It was the trip of a life time ... we just didn't know it until it was over! LOL