Saturday, December 12, 2020

Scammers Out In Force

 I woke this morning to rain dripping straight down the spout with a loud slapping noise when it hit bottom.  How does that happen?  Finally back to sleep, I had another of those weird dreams.  I was on top of a fuel tanker watching as the driver lit the fumes on fire to keep everything from exploding.  ??????

This time, it wouldn't light and I was in fear of exploding with the tank.  That's when the tank broke loose from the truck and I was suspended in mid air hanging on for dear life to the hose that connected the two.  Finally I hit the ground and RAN!!  I told you it was weird.

 Anyway, the doggies saved me by jumping on my back and waking me up.  It was breakfast time!!  Did I mention my dogs have turned into chickens also?

I had to tippy toe around the kitchen since company was sleeping in the far end of the house.  She comes down for haircuts from a dear friend and to check on her holdings.  Hotel Kissack affords a bed and puppy kisses.

The best part ... she brought an entire dinner from Applebees.  Ribs, mashed potatoes and broccoli.  It was especially delicious since I didn't have to cook it!!

 Here's a funny from Cooper.  The standing moose in the picture?  He wears round red shoes that Cooper insists are balls I should throw for him.  He barks at them and me constantly while I try to convince him they are NOT toys.  Silly boy!

 In the meantime, the scammers are out in force for Christmas.  One really big sign of them is when I receive three emails exactly alike just a few minutes apart.  They really should clean up their email list.  They stated my deposit did not go through and I was going to be overdrawn if I didn't click on their link and fill in the information.

 It just happens that I DID make a deposit, so I had to look twice.  Nope ... just a scam, but a very good one.  Their email had everything "Bank of America" on it and looked totally legit.  Don't be fooled.  No one will ever ask you to input your bank account number.  If they do, you should delete delete delete.

The next one was from FMCA ... Family MotorCoach Association who is over our Golden Spike Railroad group.  They must have hacked the email list.  It completely duplicated their site, down to the very last word and requested you sign in.  Verification was needed regarding the recent Covid 19 form required for rallies.  

This one was so legit looking it almost got me ... until it said I needed to pay my dues ... input your bank account number here.  I pay my dues two years in advance, so SCAM!!!!  Delete!!

I can just imagine how many people fall for these!  It's sad that scammers get away with this nonsense.

One more ... do not EVER order anything from the ads you see on Facebook.  Almost all of them are also scammers.  Case in point ..... Boundery sells solar motion-detected lights.  I saw them at an RV park and they worked really well.  I ordered 8 to get the better deal and planned to use them in Arizona.


When I got to the end of the order, it wanted me to order two more for another $50.  No way .... but it would not let me OUT of the screen, nor would it let me CANCEL the order.  I closed out the screen, knowing full well I was in trouble.

I called their number and told the lady to cancel everything.  She even sent an email saying it was canceled.  Then I got another email saying the "cart" was full, did I want to finish the transaction.  That was a big NO.

Sure enough, the charge showed up on my bank account.  I called and disputed it.  In about three days, I was lucky ... the lights actually showed up.  Others I have talked to did not receive anything.  In the end, I got the lights for free since the bank took the money back, along with an apology from Boundery.  I was VERY lucky.

In other wonderful news, I too seem to be having troubles uploading pictures.  I don't know if it's my really slow MiFi or if that last Firefox update (which I did) doesn't work well with my older Yosemite Operating System Program.  

The video refused to load completely and pictures take at least five minutes each.  My new computer will be here on December 14th ... Merry Christmas to me!!  We shall see if it works any better.



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    2. I use google, only because of the blog. Otherwise, I do not use google or chrome for anything. I have an Apple computer, not a Windows computer, so they do not work well at all. As for the phone, deleting and reinstalling an app works sometimes, but not this time. In the past they would make sure app upgrades worked with all versions, but now they do not. Two of my bank apps were not even visible in the "store" to download unless I had iOS 14. I could get a new phone, but it has to be an iPhone for me to keep my unlimited everything account. That's $1000 ... a little pricey.

  2. Nice to have an 'Adult' around to talk with, that's for sure. Yes, scammers abound. I get two to three scam calls each day, block each one of them. Verizon has a nice scam blocker, but only for smart is an I have to use the block which comes with my phone. Interesting thing, if they call, it rings on their end, but not my end. They 'can' leave a message, but I rarely get a scammer who leaves a voice message. Marcia gets email scams, I rarely do. Most of hers are itunes and ebay and paypal. The sender is always something like (with the xyz1234 being random letters and numbers)

    1. I get over 100 email scams every single day. As to the phones, I block all of them too, but still get a couple of calls a day.

  3. It's cute that if it is round it has to be a Ball for Cooper.
    Only had a couple of those in all my years doing this but it's nice you pass the warning along.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmth.

    It's about time.

    1. I get hundreds of email scams every day, probably because I've had this account for many years.