Sunday, December 6, 2020

Washing 101

Up at 4:30 am ... the puppies actually let me sleep in ... I contemplated the events of the day.  Nothing ... there was nothing!!  I really needed groceries but talked myself out of going on a Saturday when it would be crowded.  I'm really becoming a hermit.

I savored one of my not-so-light-and-fluffy sweet rolls and an extra cup of coffee.  Sadly, the only thing I could come up with was washing the rig since it's the worst it's ever been in it's life.  The Colorado dirt on top of the Arizona dirt was epic.

Don't take any advice from me about washing your rig.  Even with all the fancy devices I've bought just for the occasion, I'm not very good at it.  You know when you're at that RV rally and they tell you this is the best thing since peanut butter when it comes to washing your motorhome?  

I believed them ........ twice.  I finally threw the first one away.   You just cannot get a 14" wide wash thingy in small places ... like everywhere EXCEPT the one back slide.  

I've tried the wash and wax stuff, but when you have as much dirt and crud on it as I seem to have, that stuff just doesn't hack it.  You've now waxed the dirt right into the finish.  

At long last I found a sort of triangle shaped mop on one side - scrubbie on the other that seems to be doing the trick.  I mean really, I don't want to go over ANYTHING twice.  It came with a really long extendable painters handle.  Unfortunately it's all very heavy.

No matter, I got after it yesterday afternoon.  Cooper helped!!  I only got one side done, since it involved climbing up and down the ladder every two feet in order to clean the very top.  It's probably a good thing I do this myself since I seem to find all sorts of things that require repair. 

 There's a piece of trim on the very bottom front that is coming loose.  Luckily, the screw is still there, but I couldn't for the life of me find the hole it should be in.  Don't laugh ..... my solution was to silicone it and put on a big alligator clip on to keep it in place.  Maybe if I make some peanut butter cookies, I can get Mr. Chance to help me fix it in January!!

Other repairs include these covers for the weep holes on the windows.  They are constantly falling off.  I even bought a dozen of them to keep on hand.  They snap into the holes, but they don't stay.  Anyone have any ideas about how to attach them?  I've used silicon here too, but it doesn't last but maybe a year.

I found other places that need a little silicon replacement, like around the windows here and there, but I don't know what kind to use.  Anyone have suggestions?  Are there different kinds of silicon or should I be using something else?

I quit after washing half.  I knew I would be sore ... and I am ... so I took it easy.  Today I'll try to finish up the worst side.  I know I could drive up North to a truck wash, but I've never had good luck with them.  Too many scratches and dings when they are done.  

I spent the rest of the day recuperating on the couch, enjoying the fact that I didn't smell any skunks at breakfast.  

FYI ... for those worried about the lockdown AGAIN, just call the RV park you want to stay at.  I have not heard of any of them turning people away, except for Thousand Trails.  You can drive anywhere you like ... after all, this is a FREE country.  If you want to visit your relatives for Christmas, by all means DO SO!!!





  1. I was wondering about the RV we've heard the stories since we are usually over that way Christmas time. I do know that the breweries etc are still open right now..Thank goodness..those businesses can't take another shut down!

    1. ALL businesses can't take another shutdown. State parks are closed, but RV parks try to remain open.

  2. Keeping your RV clean is a 24/7 job. It may sparkle for a few minutes but when you look at it the next day it's time to start over.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your trip south.

    It's about time.

    1. I know ... what a bummer!! LOL At least it looks good for one day!!

  3. If you wanted to stick.
    Liquid Nails Multi-Purpose Home Repair Adhesive
    Size: 4oz. | $2.99 /piece. Use it lightly don’t use it where it overlaps the side

    If you want to seal That seams on your roof decor would be better

    Most clear silicone sealer is fine for other purposes but an RV

  4. One good thing about the RV Storage place is that they have two different cleaning stations with power wash that has just the right amount of power. You have to supply your own brush and soap, but having the correct washer is sure great.

    1. That would probably make it much easier. I have a power washer, but am afraid I would take the paint off.

  5. I do the same when it comes to fixing things. Not be an expert, I do anything I can think of to make it work. I've never tried washing this monstrosity. I take it to the truck wash once in awhile. Expensive but worth the save in pain. Plus out here I have no water for it.

    1. Mine gets a bath once a year ... maybe twice if I'm in Yuma long enough. Those wash guys will come to wherever you are ... they bring the water.

  6. I can't even imagine washing your rig! I know we took ours through a truck wash once or maybe twice and they seemed to do a good job. They also did the truck for free at one location in Ontario. The guys can help best with all the silicone queries. Good luck!
    I see Cooper was out there helping you wash. :)