Monday, December 21, 2020

I Landed In Paradise

 Imagine if you will, taking Hwy 58 East out of Bakersfield and heading to Tehachapi.  To my utter amazement, the entire section of highway was actually a highway instead of a test of your driving skills through a construction maze that changes every time you are here.  I was in shock.  It was five miles of paradise.

Yes it was a tad bit foggy.  All the California Highway signs said it was foggy until 11:00 am.  Guess what time it is here! 

 It did get a little dicey a couple of times when I was sure there was a truck ahead of me.  Turned out it was just shadows.  This pictures was taken about noon maybe?  And this is the best it would be.  

Lucky for me, the orange trees are completely full of their pure golden fruit as sweet as you can imagine.  I picked an entire bag full.  With the park not even 1/4 full, I may just grab another bag for my friends.

As I mentioned before, you should not let this hypocritical Governor keep you from traveling to see your family for Christmas.  You may not get to see them ever again.  RV parks are open, just make a reservation.  

My tags were clipped to the window ... you just grab it and go park.  They are even leaving spaces between rigs, which I absolutely LOVE.  Not so lovely is the generator screaming all night long trying to keep the oranges from freezing.  No matter, we love it here.

 Back to Costa Rica, I discovered my pictures were completely out of order.  See ... I told you there were crocodiles in the river.

 Anyway, as we drove around the countryside up and down mountains covered in beautiful green jungle, we would occasionally come upon a town.  This is main street.  This is the REAL Costa Rica, not the touristy part further south.

 We were headed to this butterfly sanctuary, one of the largest in the world that raises butterflies for zoos around the world. 

 Once they make a chrysalis, they are removed to these boxes around the interior where they hatch.  Many are sent to other countries at this point.  Here are some just drying out their wings.  The underside is camouflaged to make them invisible from underneath.

 The other side is the most spectacular iridescent blue you have ever seen.

Let me just say that this trip was Miss Patty's suggestion ... and it was the best idea EVER.  Even though the accommodations were not always five star, they were more than adequate, the food was delicious and the scenery nothing like I've ever seen before.  I would do it again in a flash!!

Our next hotel was in the private Calandria Reserve near Monteverde Costa Rica.

This place had the most fabulous rooms with views to die for.  It was set on the side of a mountain, making the walk back up from dinner a little on the slow side.  As usual, we investigated all around the buildings, finding orchids and gorgeous growy things in the tops of the trees.


 You can see just how steep the hill is.  I won't bore you with the dozens of flower pictures I took.

We stopped (I think before we hit the hotel) at the Calandria Reserve.  They are trying to plant the kind of trees these birds like to nest in which also provide the fruit they like to eat.  They host many scientists and specialists from around the world.

 So we of course got to plant trees!! 

 In case you ever want to go to Costa Rica, there are several things you do NOT want to do.

Do not go to the beach after dark, you may end up dead.

Do not go for a dip in the river, you may end up dead.

Do not skimp on mosquito spray, you may wish you were dead.

Do not speed ... best to go on a tour bus with locals for guides.


  1. Now you wish you had a box or two or

    1. I have three big grocery bags, but I didn't want to be a piggy!! They are just the best tasting anywhere!

  2. So agree've got to live your life and go visit whoever you can! It sounds awesome at the RV Park and oranges to boot! Loving your Costa Rica a good giggle out of the end of your blog. :)

    1. Every word of that was true!! You have to be very careful in Costa Rica.

  3. Great commentary on the Costa Rica trip. Loved the photos especially the butterfly.

    1. Thank you Elva. It was just the best most unexpected trip ever.

  4. Always fun with unpredictable weather on the Highways. Enjoy your fruit picking.
    Traveling to other countries has its beauty and dangers.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Picking those oranges was the highlight of my day!

  5. Beautiful butterflies. So you got to see the underbelly of Costa Rico too. That's good. Makes you appreciate what you have even more. And you visited some very nice places too! I'll keep your advice in mind if I ever visit.

    1. I would much rather tour the back less-traveled roads ... and boy did we do that!!

  6. I'm just catching up, how did I get so far behind!? LOL